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IRC Log for 2013-10-26

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[0:00] <jharley> cjh973: thank you
[0:01] <jharley> gregsfortytwo1: k, cool. I'll start with migrating the public/cluster networks onto the new stuff
[0:01] <jharley> gregsfortytwo1: then make new monitors on the new monitor network
[0:02] <jharley> gregsfortytwo1: I assume that the monitors don't have to be on either the public or cluster networks, but just reachable by the OSDs?
[0:02] <gregsfortytwo1> they need to be reachable by the clients and OSDs
[0:12] <jharley> gregsfortytwo1: cool, the old (shared) network will work until I roll in the new monitors then
[0:12] * Disconnected.
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