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[4:51] <CristianDM> Hi
[4:52] <CristianDM> I have an issue with "ceph status"
[4:52] <CristianDM> This return unrecognized subsystem
[4:52] <CristianDM> Same as http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/2721
[4:52] <CristianDM> But I can??t fix it
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[15:29] <mech422> Morning all ..
[15:29] <mech422> I finally have a lil time to dig into ceph, and I had some basic newby questions...
[15:30] <mech422> Will there be an 'in-place' upgrade path from 'argonaut' to 'v1.0' when its released ?
[15:30] <mech422> anyone tried Argonaut on debian Squeeze/Wheezy ?
[15:31] <mech422> and finally, anyone tried rados in Argonaut with Xen 4 (in debian preferrably...) ?
[15:32] <mech422> oh - and one last one - can I install all the ceph components on 1 box, and then add boxes (for replication/HA/capacity) once I've got my configs right ?
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[16:16] <Deuns> mech422: I use Argonaut on Debian
[16:16] <mech422> oh cool :-) Is it working well ?
[16:16] <Deuns> pretty well so far :)
[16:16] <Deuns> I'm still in a test environnement though
[16:17] <mech422> Great :-) Do you happen to know if there will be 'in place' migration from Argonaut to 'v1.0' ?
[16:17] <Deuns> no idea
[16:17] <Deuns> I hope so :p
[16:17] <mech422> Heh..I am as well...
[16:18] <Deuns> I also installed everything on one box and then add a second one with osd+mds+mon
[16:18] <Deuns> adding a server is very easy
[16:18] <mech422> ahh - great, so that is possible ?
[16:18] <mech422> I wasn't sure if the quorum thing would mess it up with 1 box
[16:18] <mech422> have you happened to try RADOS with Xen ?
[16:18] <Deuns> i don't think it is the prefered setup but it works
[16:19] <Deuns> nope, I'm using cephfs for now
[16:19] <mech422> oh ? I'd read that was still sorta flaky ? is it giving you any problems ?
[16:19] <mech422> ( I need to replace a moosefs cluster eventually...)
[16:20] <Deuns> I read that too but so far, so good :-)
[16:20] <mech422> Are you using btrfs as the backing store ?
[16:20] <Deuns> yep
[16:21] <mech422> Hehe..sounds like I should just copy your configs :-P Your doing pretty much everything I want to :-P
[16:21] <Deuns> unfortunately, I get some traceback from btrfs from time to time
[16:21] <mech422> dang
[16:22] <Deuns> I couldn't find if it breaks something though :-/
[16:22] <mech422> One Squeeze ? or Wheezy ?
[16:22] <Deuns> my ceph cluster is still up and running
[16:22] <mech422> err.. s/One/On/
[16:22] <Deuns> wheezy
[16:22] <Deuns> both boxes are wheezy
[16:23] <Deuns> the only "real" problem i have with ceph is the lack of up to date documentation
[16:24] <mech422> hehe
[16:25] <mech422> I have a hard time telling whats still supported...
[16:25] <mech422> like eucalyptus integration (v2 only?) or xen driver
[16:26] <mech422> seems like the kvm stuff is still current, but I kinda got the feeling the xen bit was orphaned
[16:27] <Deuns> it looks like kvm is hotter these days than xen
[16:28] <mech422> yeah - its been the darling a while now... hopefully Xen will get more love in the near future
[16:28] <mech422> ubuntu seems to have picked it up again, and debian is pushing 'cluster computing' as a main use case
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[18:38] <iggy> mech422: a few things... Don't try to use cephfs or rbd kernel driver on the same box that has OSDs (can't tell if that's something you were planning or not)... don't run 2 MDSes (1 or 3 or more)... MDSes aren't required for rados/rbd (only for the FS)... There are a few things that can't be changed after things are setup, so you'll want to set things up like you are planning a bigger deployment from the start (PGs in a pool, etc.)
[18:39] <mech422> oh - the rdb/osd thing would be a problem - thx!
[18:39] <iggy> mech422: that's just the kernel driver
[18:40] <iggy> I don't know how Xen has it integrated, but for kvm, there's librbd support built into qemu/kvm... and that is legal
[18:40] <mech422> yeah - I'm not sure the status of the xen backend...there was something on the wiki...let me look
[18:42] <iggy> afaik, xen is working on upstreaming into qemu and using that, so you'd get qemu's built in librbd support for free (at least for hvm guests... dunno about pv guests)
[18:42] <mech422> http://ceph.com/wiki/Xen-rbd
[18:43] <iggy> yeah, that's a no go
[18:43] <mech422> blah
[18:43] <mech422> Hmm...guess I can throw up a couple of VMs just for playing with
[18:44] <iggy> heh, that's the only kind of ceph deployment I've done so far
[18:44] <mech422> though for production, I wanted to replace our MooseFS setup - we're using it with the xen 'file:' driver
[18:44] <mech422> so I'm gonna need dedicated storage nodes as well as the vm hosts...
[18:44] <iggy> btw, the rbd-on-osd problem is a general one of kernel space processes talking to user space processes
[18:45] <mech422> oh?
[18:46] <iggy> yeah, in low memory situations, the kernel sends a request to the osd, but there isn't enough mem left for the osd to allocate buffers to reply back -> deadlock
[18:47] <tnt> running the OSD inside a DomU should work though.
[18:47] <Tobarja> perhaps that's why i keep toasting my test boxes
[18:47] <mech422> Hmm..
[18:47] <iggy> it would almost certainly be hit in osd recovery situations because the OSDs use a fair amount of memory then
[18:48] <mech422> Thats a possibility - putting the osd's in a domU
[18:48] <mech422> err..no, wait...
[18:48] <mech422> that would be pointless, as I'd have to use 'file://' images to back the domU, right ?
[18:49] <tnt> or phy:// ... yes.
[18:49] <mech422> yeah..Hmm...
[18:49] <iggy> it's not insurmountable (i.e. samba and some other projects that have been around for a while have solved it in various dirty ways), but it's not an easy fix and even harder to test to make sure you get all the corner cases
[18:50] <mech422> ehh - prolly be easier just to get a couple of atom boxes or something for the osd's
[18:50] <tnt> Is there a way to estimate how much memory is needed during recovery ? and what happens if there is just not enough ?
[18:50] <mech422> we have a very small setup
[18:51] <iggy> I believe the devs have said atom boxes won't work for OSDs (could be wrong)
[18:51] <iggy> tnt: I don't know, but it seems like most people are doing 1G of ram per disk in an osd
[18:53] <mech422> iggy: really? any idea why ?
[18:54] <mech422> (we don't need blazing throughput or anything...)
[18:54] <iggy> I don't know actually
[19:03] <Tobarja> is there a samba plugin to export cephfs volumes?
[19:03] <iggy> no
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[20:04] <darkfader> someone recently brought up the fraunhofer fs, i read a lot more about it (again) today. my pain point was i.e. that it is not really opensource, and also lacks a lot of HA points. it's more like a (well-deserved) lustre replacement
[20:06] <iggy> we've tested it at work
[20:07] <iggy> it's more geared toward performance than availability
[20:08] <darkfader> iggy: i liked that it has ib->ethernet failover and such
[20:08] <darkfader> but for me useless
[20:08] <darkfader> last time someone mentioned it i just had forgotten what i found problematic, so i wanted to report back for the archive :)
[20:14] <Deuns> do you know how ceph compares to gluster ?
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[23:00] <joshd> iggy: Tobarja: afaik this was the latest samba plugin: http://samba.2283325.n4.nabble.com/An-updated-Samba-VFS-for-Ceph-using-the-libceph-user-space-interface-td3756101.html
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[23:50] <iggy> interesting, last i heard the accepted method was just re-exporting a ceph mount via samba
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