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[7:26] <sage> elder: miklos' atomic-open patches seem to behave just fine. sent him an incremental patch to simplify/improve things further.. we'll see if al/christoph sign off on it
[7:27] <sage> also pushed to wip-atomic-open if we want to do further testing.. i suspect this will go in via miklos to al's tree tho
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[10:29] <loicd> Hi, I'm looking for paid support for ceph. Is there a company providing this ?
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[14:32] <elder> sage, OK, will do.
[15:29] <nhm> good morning all
[15:35] <joao> hi
[16:33] <joao> does the FileStore usually leak much memory?
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[16:42] <nhm> joao: that doesn't sound good
[16:43] <joao> nhm, I'm still looking into it, so don't read too much on what I just asked ;)
[16:46] <nhm> joao: good luck on your journey down the rabbit hole. ;)
[16:47] <joao> well, I might have jumped the gun here
[16:49] <joao> it appears to leak memory, but not that much
[16:49] <joao> and it's mainly in option parsing, I think
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[17:38] <kirby> Is it possible for Ceph to participate in the VFS cache? I notice that no matter how many times I read a file, the reads are never cached in VFS.
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[18:17] <sagewk> kirby: using the kernel fs client?
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[18:40] <gregaf> loicd: we're bootstrapping support now???if you want details you can email info@ceph.com
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[19:06] <wido> sagewk: For 2212, do you need logs of multiple OSD's?
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[19:07] <joao> looks like the tracker is unresponsive again
[19:10] <nhm> joao: I got a message from Tommi about not being able to do vidyo, but I wasn't sure if he was referring to the standup meeting. Just FYI
[19:10] <gregaf> I think there's no standup today
[19:10] <joao> oh really?
[19:10] <joao> okay then
[19:11] <joao> let me know if plans change or if you postpone it to a later time
[19:13] <nhm> yay, localled archived non-scheduled teuthology-suite ftw
[19:14] <joao> oh boy, couldn't make any sense of what you just said :p
[19:14] <nhm> joao: I added some changes (back in) to teuthology-suite so that I can optionally run it in a way that lets me archive the results locally rather than as part of a nightly run.
[19:15] <loicd> gregaf: great news ;-)
[19:17] <elder> gregaf, why?
[19:24] <loicd> gregaf: mail sent to info@ceph.com . I'll be at the OpenStack summit in two weeks (representing Debian GNU/Linux and my company). Maybe it will be an opportunity to learn more about the support program ?
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[19:26] <joao> hey Dan :)
[19:26] <dmick> hey Joao
[19:31] <gregaf> elder: sorry, was afk ?????we're doing a trainingish thingy today in the office (well, not me...)
[19:31] <gregaf> loicd: I'm not sure who will be there yet, but my magic 8 ball says the odds are good
[19:31] <elder> Very well articulated.
[19:32] <loicd> :-D
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[19:39] <kirby> sagewk: yes, I'm using the kernel client (3.2.0) and ceph 0.44 backend
[19:39] <jmlowe> I'm having some trouble with rbd and snapshots, I should be able to create a rbd device, mount it, take a snapshot, then mount the snapshot readonly without it sending everything into uninterruptible wait states right?
[19:47] <gregaf> jmlowe: probably? but you really want to freeze the filesystem before taking the snapshot
[19:54] <wido> joao: Is the tracker still down at your location?
[19:54] <joao> checking
[19:54] <jmlowe> hmm, don't know if a sync freed things up or I just waited long enough
[19:54] <joao> wido, looks like it
[19:55] <joao> yes, no response whatsoever
[19:55] <wido> ok, then it's not me. Just "Waiting for here"
[19:55] <wido> gregaf: You might poke somebody?
[19:55] <gregaf> I need to find out what Sage is doing/who he's poking
[19:56] <gregaf> but I'll look around
[19:57] <wido> thanks
[19:57] <gregaf> jmlowe: it wouldn't surprise me if snapshots were a bit slow, especially if the filesystem was still trying to do work while taking one
[19:57] <gregaf> theoretically it should be pretty quick, but if you back up even a few seconds worth of data and then it all needs to flush out to a small OSD cluster which needs to make copies of everything, it might not go as fast as one would like
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[19:59] <jmlowe> gregaf: yeah, that's all it was, after a sync mount fails quickly with a recovery required write access unavailable cannot proceed
[19:59] <wido> btw, achieved record today I think. After 160 days of uptime I'm shutting down a RBD VM, going to 0.44.1 and there is a on-disk change, so mkcephfs is needed
[19:59] <wido> it survived a couple of OSDs dying, other cluster issues, but it's still alive and kicking
[19:59] <gregaf> jmlowe: huh?
[20:00] <jmlowe> gregaf: oxford commas would have made that clearer
[20:02] <jmlowe> gregaf: following a successful sync command, mount returns a failure quickly, predictably it can't mount because it wants to fix a copy of an ready mounted filesystem and can't do that with a readonly device
[20:02] <gregaf> ah, good then
[20:09] <dmick> gregaf: managed to get into the tracker machine
[20:09] <dmick> sage said yesterday there were typically two processes fighting, and he kills them both. looking.
[20:10] <gregaf> oh, good to know
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[20:20] <joao> dmick, I believe it was redmine and git
[20:22] <dmick> yeah, I found the log with gregaf's help
[20:22] <dmick> restarting, but not up yet
[20:29] <dmick> looks like it's back
[20:30] <dmick> (tracker, that is....^wido ^joao)
[20:32] <sagewk> not sure why that keeps happening. i can disable the redmine's access to the git tree as a quick fix.. but it means the commit links won't work
[20:33] <dmick> didn't see the git processes
[20:33] <dmick> only killed two Ruby procs
[20:33] <dmick> and they needed -9
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