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[2:05] <lxo> sage, ping
[2:07] <lxo> remember that problem of snapshots changing timestamps? it looks like I get it when I touch the directory or move anotther directory into it, but *not* when I create new files in it. does that make any sense to you?
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[10:23] <dwm__> Hmm. HTTP service on kernel.org is down.
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[11:00] <hijacker> dwm__, confirmed, 80/tcp filtered http on pub2.kernel.org
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[11:15] <dwm__> Though the btrfs wiki still works, for example. As does git://.
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[12:53] <dwm__> Hmm, I think I might be running into the fragementation performance problem Christian Brunner ran into.
[12:53] <dwm__> Does anyone know if the larger-node/leaf size changes went into Linux v3.3?
[13:02] <dwm__> Right, looks like it's not. Josef's doing dev work on it in his tree, but the key commit -- "Btrfs: allow metadata blocks larger than the page size" is still in Chris Mason's dangerdonteveruse branch.
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[14:44] <Dieter_be> if you don't use xfs, will rados itself do the data checksumming on all blocks it reads?
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[15:23] <Dieter_be> err i meant, if you don't use btrfs, of course
[15:23] <Dieter_be> such as when you use xfs
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[15:35] <Dieter_be> hmm where is workingdir.conf ? http://ceph.newdream.net/wiki/Simple_test_setup says it comes with the code checkout by default, but it doesn't
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[15:40] <wonko_be> that page was last updated in 2009 - it might be outdated
[15:40] <wonko_be> (understatement)
[15:41] <Dieter_be> whoa!
[15:41] <Dieter_be> didn't notice that
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[15:47] <jmlowe> Anybody else having this problem?
[15:47] <jmlowe> W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: http://ceph.newdream.net oneiric InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 6EAEAE2203C3951A
[15:48] <wonko_be> the repo signing key changed location when the move from github.com/NewDreamNetwork to github.com/ceph was made
[15:49] <jmlowe> ah, missed that detail
[15:49] <wonko_be> key "https://raw.github.com/ceph/ceph/master/keys/release.asc"
[15:50] <wonko_be> I guess that will be the problem
[15:52] <jmlowe> hmm, that key doesn't seem to be working for me
[15:52] <jmlowe> it's apt-key add right, or has my coffee intake been insufficient?
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[16:00] <Guest7104> hello all
[16:00] <stxShadow> hi
[16:00] <Guest7104> we have deployed an ceph - radosgw infrastructure last week
[16:01] <Guest7104> and today we have some problems :x
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[16:01] <Guest7104> on the radosgw side : "idle timeout (30 sec)" on Apache
[16:02] <Guest7104> and with ceph -w, many "[WRN] old request osd_op(client.4740.0:1450 .dir.18 [call rgw.bucket_prepare_op] 11.58234bb1) v4 received at 2012-03-21 16:01:19.775234 currently waiting for sub ops"
[16:02] <stxShadow> the last message is -> one of your osds (maybe journaling) is slow
[16:03] <stxShadow> are there any other messages on ceph -w ?
[16:03] <Guest7104> nothing else
[16:04] <Guest7104> PG active+clean
[16:04] <jmlowe> So any chance we could get the actual key that signed the repo?
[16:04] <Guest7104> only many "old requests"
[16:05] <jmlowe> I'm looking for DSA key ID 03C3951A
[16:05] <wonko_be> ah, sec
[16:06] <wonko_be> jmlowe: that is labeled "autobuild" on my machine
[16:06] <jmlowe> well never mind, keys.gnupg.net has it
[16:06] <wonko_be> try https://raw.github.com/ceph/ceph/master/keys/autobuild.asc
[16:06] <jmlowe> gpg --verify InRelease
[16:06] <jmlowe> gpg: Signature made Wed 21 Mar 2012 09:15:31 AM EDT using DSA key ID 03C3951A
[16:06] <jmlowe> gpg: Good signature from "Ceph automated package build (Ceph automated package build) <sage@newdream.net>"
[16:06] <jmlowe> gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
[16:06] <jmlowe> gpg: There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
[16:06] <jmlowe> Primary key fingerprint: FCC5 CB2E D8E6 F6FB 79D5 B331 6EAE AE22 03C3 951A
[16:07] <wonko_be> it should be that one:
[16:07] <wonko_be> pub 1024D/03C3951A 2011-02-08 [expires: 2013-02-07] Key fingerprint = FCC5 CB2E D8E6 F6FB 79D5 B331 6EAE AE22 03C3 951A
[16:07] <wonko_be> uid Ceph automated package build (Ceph automated package build) <sage@newdream.net>
[16:07] <jmlowe> ok, great, really dragging this mornign
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[16:51] <imjustmatthew> hey, when I know I need to restart the active mds can I use on of the "ceph" control commands to transfer active mds role to one of the standbys?
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[17:38] <gregaf1> imjustmatthew: nope, don't think that option exists — you should make a bug!
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[19:15] <dwm__> Ha, that explains a lot: I think my autogenerated CRUSH map has done something odd.
[19:16] <dwm__> (Context: 12 OSDS, each on their own spindle in a single host.)
[19:16] <dwm__> `rados bench` appears to only be exercising two of them..
[19:17] <dwm__> (One for each replica.)
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[19:39] <dwm__> Hmm, no -- it's just rados bench that seems to map solely onto a pair of OSDs -- RBD use spreads evenly.
[19:44] <joshd> dwm_: check the crushmap for the pool rados bench is using (or are you possibly setting object locators when running rados bench?)
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[19:54] <dwm__> joshd: Was initially using a newly-minted 'bench' pool, and also the default RBD pool -- both gave the same behaviour.
[19:54] <dwm__> (i.e. iostat /dev/sd? 1 was showing that only two block devices were active.)
[19:55] <dwm__> But when I'm running iozone over the same rbd pool, then it spreads the load across the entire set.
[19:55] <dwm__> (I'm not *knowingly* setting object locators..)
[19:56] <joshd> hmm, maybe an object locator is accidentally getting set by rados bench by default
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[20:03] <joshd> dwm_: try rados -p rbd bench 10 write --debug-objecter 10 --log-to-stderr 2>&1 | grep op_submit
[20:03] <joshd> the output should be like: op_submit oid benchmark_write_data @2...
[20:04] <joshd> if the @2 part is more than just @POOL_ID, an object locater is being used
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[20:05] <dwm__> Simply "@2", followed by [write 0~4194304], which I assume is the object to be written.
[20:06] <dwm__> However, each line ended with the same OSD identifier.
[20:06] <dwm__> Ah, save the final 'benchmark_write_data', which happened to go to a different one.
[20:07] <dwm__> Multiple runs target different osds.
[20:07] <dwm__> Stab in the dark: maybe the fact the OSDs are all on the same IP is causing minor confusion..
[20:08] <dwm__> Also: This is .43. Haven't updated to .44 yet.
[20:08] <dwm__> Hmm. Would you expect the oid to change each time?
[20:08] <dwm__> 'Cos it's not. :)
[20:09] <joshd> that would be the problem :)
[20:10] <dwm__> Yeah, it shows an oid of 'illustrious.doc.ic.ac.uk_1492' each time -- combination of hostname + pid?
[20:10] <joshd> yeah, but it should have an increasing number at the end too
[20:10] <dwm__> Logical. Seems to be absent.
[20:25] <dwm__> Hmm, I'm just looking at the rados bench code. generate_object_name() seems to be where this /should/ happen -- and indeed, the object names have _object%d suffixes which are absent from my debug output.
[20:26] <dwm__> Ah, got it.
[20:26] <dwm__> The buffer for the object name is 30 chars long.
[20:26] <dwm__> illustrious.doc.ic.ac.uk_NNNN is 30 chars long. The unique identifiers are being truncated.
[20:29] <dwm__> Should be easy to work around -- either put the serial number first or make the oid larger.
[20:30] <dwm__> Is there an upper bound on the size of oids?
[20:30] <dwm__> (Given I'm about to compile a local copy of 0.44 /anyway/ ... :)
[20:30] <joshd> looks like 128 is allocated for it in write_bench
[20:30] <joshd> I don't see why it doesn't just use std::strings though
[20:34] <dwm__> I'll try the trivial change of changing to 128 in 0.44 and retest.
[20:38] <gregaf1> rados bench is just hack that's been hacked on a lot; this issue would be something that fell through the cracks when the names started being made unique on each test runner
[20:38] <gregaf1> should make a bug for it in the tracker, though!
[20:39] <dwm__> Righto, shall mint one.
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[20:58] <dwm__> Issue created as #2196.
[21:05] <elder> Is "git submodule update" enough to fix my "(new commits)" status for src/leveldb?
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[21:07] <joshd> elder: if you've already run 'git submodule init', yes
[21:07] <elder> Well I believe I had.
[21:17] <sjust1> elder: you may need to run git submodule sync
[21:17] <elder> OK.
[21:18] <elder> Is that a bit like: submodule update (similar to remote update) and submodule sync (similar to fetch), or along those lines?
[21:18] <sjust1> elder: it's less consistent than that, git stores the remote for each submodule
[21:18] <sjust1> if the remote changed, git submodule sync updates it
[21:18] <sjust1> git submodule init registers the submodules
[21:19] <sjust1> and git submodule update just checks out the relevant hash
[21:19] <elder> But a submodule is basically including something from a different git repository by reference rather than duplicating it, right?
[21:19] <sjust1> yeah, you would think it would be simpler
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[21:32] <dwm__> Hmm, I'm not sure I believe iftop.
[21:32] <dwm__> It's currently claiming that my gigabit NIC is pushing out at (at peak) 1.5Gbit/sec..
[21:34] <elder> That's faast.
[21:34] <elder> You should turn down your electricity.
[21:45] <dwm__> I suspect an artifact of using a local br0.
[21:46] <dwm__> Either that, the advantages of using good-ole' 230V rather than you're watered-down USian voltage. :)
[21:46] <elder> Or maybe it's Hz.
[21:46] <elder> That has something to do with speed, right?
[21:46] <dwm__> Oh dear, I just used the wrong "you're".
[21:47] <elder> Your so dum.
[21:47] <dwm__> No, duum.
[21:47] <dwm__> Shortened to dwm.
[21:47] <elder> I meant sew.
[21:47] <dwm__> It's in the name.
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[22:57] <wlbilljg> i know this is probably a very common question, but any idea when ceph would be stable enough for production?
[22:57] <wlbilljg> http://ceph.newdream.net/wiki/FAQ#Is_Ceph_ready_for_use_in_a_production_environment.3F
[22:57] <wlbilljg> we're considering using it for an internal project
[23:13] <iggy> wlbilljg: there have been a few emails about where the devs have talked about features they want to finish off before they say it's ready, but I don't recall there being a time frame
[23:13] <wlbilljg> ok
[23:32] <dwm__> In practice, different access layers will be viable at different rates.
[23:33] <wlbilljg> are we talking about weeks or months... or years?
[23:33] <dwm__> There seems to be an opinion that the OSD, RADOSGW and RBD layers are approaching maturity, while the cephfs layer is a little ways off.
[23:33] <dwm__> (The cephfs layer is, of course, dependant on the OSD.)
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