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[14:49] <pulsar> is it possible to run multiple osd daemons per machine? i would like to use mutiple harddisks / mount points per node. did not find anything on that topic in the wiki area yet
[15:02] <pulsar> hmmm... but i've found articles about some gall bladder diets - maybe this will help :)
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[15:24] <iggy> pulsar: yes
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[15:59] <pulsar> iggy: any hints how to achieve this? as far i see, the ceph-osd service binds to<whatever>, is there an easy way or do i have to work with eth aliases and beat the crap out of the config files?
[16:02] <jmlowe> I run 6 per machine
[16:03] <pulsar> just like that?
[16:04] <pulsar> well... perhaps i worry too much.
[16:05] <jmlowe> [osd.1]
[16:05] <jmlowe> host=myhost
[16:05] <jmlowe> [osd.2]
[16:06] <jmlowe> host=myhost
[16:06] <jmlowe> ...
[16:06] <pulsar> i take it the ports are allocated dynamically and reported back to the master then.
[16:06] <pulsar> thanks
[16:07] <jmlowe> yep, you are most assuredly over thinking it
[16:10] <pulsar> just being careful, after working with hbase/hdfs for a longer period of time i do always expect the worst results from any scenario :)
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[16:47] <iggy> pulsar: all the state is conveyed via cmon... that's the only thing I think that has static ports
[16:47] <nhm> pulsar: expecting the worst is a good habit. ;)
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[16:48] <nhm> jmlowe: any luck getting your storage arrays back in working order?
[16:49] <jmlowe> I'm going to shuffle around the disks and see if I can't take some out of service and keep the thermals under control
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[16:54] <pulsar> should i expect some major pain from running ceph ontop of xfs?
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[16:55] <pulsar> yay! up and running! osd e42: 76 osds: 76 up, 76 in / 69170 GB used, 138 TB / 206 TB avail
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[17:05] <nhm> pulsar: congrats, what kind of OSDs?
[17:06] <pulsar> what kind?
[17:06] <nhm> sorry, what kind of hosts for the OSDs?
[17:06] <pulsar> rented root servers
[17:06] <pulsar> over at hetzner.
[17:07] <pulsar> i use that cluster for map/reduce mostly
[17:07] <nhm> pulsar: how many OSDs per host on that setup?
[17:07] <pulsar> 2
[17:07] <pulsar> 2 racks, 20 servers each
[17:08] <nhm> nice
[17:08] <pulsar> one node per rack is reserved
[17:08] <pulsar> for monitoring or running the namenode / zookeeper etc.
[17:08] <nhm> I'll be curious to hear how your testing goes
[17:08] <pulsar> me too
[17:08] <pulsar> need to run at least files/directories in that fs
[17:09] <nhm> sounds like a good stress test.
[17:09] <pulsar> yeah, i think i'
[17:09] <nhm> I'm not sure if anyone has done a billion files on ceph yet.
[17:09] <pulsar> ll create 100mio directories with 10 files in each, 2megs of zeor-data
[17:10] <pulsar> we'll see. either the fs can handle it, or i'll need to start coding a file-to-node partitioning mechanism for my workers
[17:11] <pulsar> don't really feel like reinveinting the dht
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[17:25] <pulsar> hmm... how long does ceph-fuse take to start the ceph client after fresh format & cluster boot?
[17:26] <pulsar> i see a lot of "scrub ok" messages in ceph -w but thats about it.
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[17:38] <linuxuser1357> Hello, I have mounted /dev/sda1 to /ceph/osd-data. It is formatted as btrfs. When I run mkcephfs -a -c /etc/ceph/ceph.conf, I get an error back stating that it could not createan empty object store. The additional error message given is 'Is a directory'. Can anyone help?
[17:40] <pulsar> linuxuser1357: you might need to create the "osd data" directories, or configure them in the first place. had similiar issues today.
[17:41] <linuxuser1357> I have 'osd data = /ceph/osd-data' in my osd.0 section...
[17:41] <pulsar> i have osd data defined in the parent/osd section for all of my nodes. should not make any difference though
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[17:44] <pulsar> {0=1=up:creating}, lost one node already... hmmm
[17:45] <pulsar> did not experience that kind of issues when running only one osd instance per node. still waiting for the fs to become mountable
[17:46] <iggy> pulsar: did you try the normal kernel installer (instead of fuse)?
[17:46] <pulsar> i'm on 2.6.32-5-amd64
[17:46] <iggy> the last time I built a ceph cluster, I could mkcephfs and instantly mount
[17:46] <pulsar> debian stable
[17:47] <iggy> s/installer/filesystem/
[17:47] <pulsar> yeah, cephfs is not available for me/debian yet
[17:48] <pulsar> ceph -s give me "mds e3: 1/1/1 up {0=1=up:creating}
[17:48] <pulsar> up:creating sounds like the fs is not yet ready
[17:48] <pulsar> still looking for some explaination on that status messages
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[18:03] <pulsar> no luck with ceph-fuse or booting up with ~80 osd nodes. i'll disable half of the osd nodes and try again.
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[18:04] <pulsar> 2012-02-16 18:03:55.454056 7f2916048700 -- >> pipe(0x220a780 sd=19 pgs=0 cs=0 l=0).connect claims to be not - wrong node!
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[18:27] <linuxuser1357> Question: Can OSD JOURNAL be pointed to a partition mount point? Or must it be a normal file or partition device file?
[18:35] <linuxuser1357> Can the osd journal be specified as /journal (assuming /dev/sda1 is mounted at /journal btrfs), or does it have to be /journal/file or /dev/sda1 ?
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[18:39] <iggy> I think all the ceph guys are still at a conference, you might have to wait around a while
[18:42] <linuxuser1357> ok thanks, after looking through the source and reading some more web pages, it appears to be the case, i'm re-testing with the raw partition /dev/sda1
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[19:47] <pulsar> seems it just takes a long while for the fs to initialize 80 osd nodes on xfs. during this time some nodes time out and i got those "wrong node" errors above in the local osd logfiles. will keep an eye on it as i try to increase the number of nodes to the maximum tomorrow.
[19:48] <pulsar> doing some preliminary tests over night with a couple of TB
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