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[0:20] <gregaf1> nwatkins`: do you know how wide a range of things that patch applies to? is it only good against hadoop-.20.205 or should it be good with a generic .20 branch?
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[0:42] <nwatkins`> gregaf1: hmm. i suspect it applies to any 0.20 (the core-hadoop change is to the distributed cache and i bet that code doesn't see much churn). similarly, I see barely any change to S3 File System, so the internal API probably is OK too. That said, I haven't tried any other versions.
[0:42] <gregaf1> cool, just want to get the docs right :)
[0:43] <gregaf1> pushed to master!
[0:46] <nwatkins`> ahh, sweet!
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[1:41] <Tv> if gitbuilders seem slow, you can blame me ;)
[1:41] <Tv> installing >=3 vms in parallel on that hardware, lots of disk writes going on
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[11:13] <stefanha> Is it allowed to have multiple initiators accessing a RADOS block device?
[11:13] <stefanha> Or will librados return an error?
[11:14] <stefanha> (Same question applies to the Linux rbd block driver)
[11:15] <todin> stefanha: you can access the rbd block device from diffrent machines at the same time
[11:17] <stefanha> todin: Thanks
[11:18] <todin> stefanha: but be carefull you have to do the locking yourself
[11:35] <stefanha> todin: I wanted to check whether there was a fundamental rule preventing this. I'm interested in the VM live migration case.
[11:35] <stefanha> I wanted to make sure that a VM with its disk on a RADOS block device can live migrate properly under KVM.
[11:36] <stefanha> That involves having the rbd open simultaneously but does not write from two initiators simultaneously :)
[11:45] <psomas> stefanha: I think it can live migrate without problems, ie you don't need to worry about locking and simultaneous writes i think
[11:50] <stefanha> great
[11:50] <todin> stefanha: you can use the rbd device which is already in qemu-kvm, than you can do a live migration via the qemu migration command
[11:51] <todin> stefanha: I use that myself.
[11:52] <stefanha> cool
[11:54] <todin> stefanha: you could use an rbd image in kvm like this -drive format=rbd,file=rbd:rbd/natty2:rbd_writeback_window=81920000,cache=none,if=virtio
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[13:21] <NaioN> Does anybody know what these messages mean in the mds log:
[13:22] <NaioN> 2011-11-10 12:49:36.477458 7fe879f0f700 mds.0.cache.dir(100000b4d01) [dentry #1/I1543-AGeneWienberg/backup_20111110_1225/opt/apps/HeutBO/Afbeeldingen/075012A.JPG [2,head] auth (dversion lock) v=29705 inode=0xc19b820 | inodepin 0x49d0130] n(v0 b17669 1=1+0)
[13:22] <NaioN> I'm getting a huge amount of these
[13:22] <NaioN> and the log grows so fast it fills up the disk
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[19:44] <Tv> i don't understand ruby gems
[19:44] <Tv> that's the last problem with the barclamp
[19:45] <Tv> i see a gem installed on the filesystem, yet require 'open4' won't work
[19:46] <Tv> it seems like the /var/lib/gems path isn't being searched
[19:46] <Tv> yet that's where it gets installed with gem_package 'open4'
[19:53] <Tv> require 'rubygems', eh
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[20:30] <jpieper> I'm trying to bring up a new OSD for the first time, and I'm having troubles. Everytime I try to start the osd daemon, it fails with an "File exists not handled" error, tripped on FileStore.cc:2406. Running git HEAD as of earlier today and using btrfs. Any thoughts?
[20:32] <jpieper> Running strace on it indicates it barfs trying to create the /data/osd0/current/meta directory, which indeed, already exists.
[20:35] <Tv> sjust: any clue? ^
[20:35] <jpieper> I've tried stopping everything, running mkcephfs, and starting things up again, but get the same error each time.
[20:35] <sjust> jpieper, Tv: that's odd
[20:35] <Tv> i'm staring at the code but all that sounds to me is like a half-way initialized osd
[20:35] <Tv> sjust: could this be about the idempotent transactions too?
[20:36] <Tv> jpieper: even if you rm -rf /data/osd0 before the mkcephfs?
[20:36] <sjust> Tv: it's btrfs, shouldn't matter
[20:36] <jpieper> Tv, I tried that once, but I haven't been doing that each time I tried.
[20:36] <sjust> jpieper: completely removing the /data/osd0 as well as the journal and recreating the osd from scratch should do it
[20:37] <jpieper> Hmm, now I remember, trying to 'rm -rf /data/osd0/*' gives me a "directory not empty" on /data/osd0/current. ls -al on it shows nothing. Is perhaps my btrfs corrupted?
[20:38] <sjust> jpieper: it probably means that you need to remove the subvolumes seperately?
[20:38] <sjust> /data/osd0/current, that is
[20:38] <sjust> as well as the snap directories
[20:41] <jpieper> Not being an expert on btrfs, how would I go about removing the subvolumes separately?
[20:43] <jpieper> Well, I just unmounted it, ran mkfs.btrfs on the volume, mounted it, then ran mkcephfs again. Same problem.
[20:43] <Tv> jpieper: neat, a reproducible bug!
[20:44] <jpieper> ;)
[20:44] <Tv> jpieper: what version of the kernel / btrfs are you running?
[20:45] <jpieper> ubuntu 11.10, 3.0.0-12
[20:45] <Tv> (.. i wonder if our btrfs detection code could check the version number and ignore too old = fall back to posix behavior)
[20:45] <jpieper> Perhaps that is too old?
[20:45] <Tv> jpieper: we think it should be fine
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[20:46] <Tv> jpieper: but that's a "think"..
[20:53] <jpieper> For what it is worth, the log mentions some possibly useful bits before, http://pastebin.com/tEPhkytE
[20:54] <jpieper> That was a run made after freshing mkfs.btrfs-ign things, running mkcephfs, then a single '/etc/init.d/ceph start osd'
[20:55] <Tv> jpieper: as it is lunch time and i fear many of us will be busy in the afternoon, would you please file a proper bug report so this gets recorded somewhere?
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[20:57] <Tv> #%@!@ chef nodes pxebooted the wrong interfaces
[20:58] <Tv> this thing is fiddly
[20:59] <jpieper> Tv: sure thing.
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[21:06] <jpieper> Tv: http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/1707
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[22:33] <sjust> jpieper: was that log snippet from when you first started the osd?
[22:36] <sjust> d'oh, I think we just need to take a snap shot right after the filestore is created
[22:37] <jpieper> sjust: Yes.
[22:39] <jpieper> I switched to an ext4 backed filesystem, and now have gotten mon to crash: 'mon/PGMonitor.cc: 218: FAILED assert(paxos->get_version() + 1 == pending_inc.version)'
[22:39] <jpieper> This was while testing failing over under rbd load. Is that expected, or should I do another bug report.
[22:40] <sjust> jpieper: another bug report would be cool
[22:46] <jpieper> sjust: http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/1708
[22:51] <sjust> jpieper: thanks
[22:52] <slang> any known issues with current stable branch?
[23:06] <Tv> fyi crowbar status: it seems the remaining bugs are crowbar bugs, not ceph barclamp bugs
[23:06] <Tv> still waiting for a successful run, but the repos are pushed
[23:06] <Tv> the new one being https://github.com/NewDreamNetwork/barclamp-ceph
[23:08] <sjust> jpieper: 7fb182a17b703002c1bd098391fb688b5b1e2749 should fix your first issue (it's in master now)
[23:10] <jpieper> sjust: Great, I'll test it out here shortly.
[23:13] <Tv> hrmm crowbar, why is .deb signatures missing a problem *now*, it's been like that forever
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[23:22] <Tv> ohhh it failed to drop in an apt config file that says trust everything
[23:22] <Tv> huh
[23:22] <Tv> *sigh* reinstalling again
[23:24] <nwatkins`> Ceph client suddently started receiving connection refused errors. Here is the client log http://pastebin.com/WdnpGepH
[23:28] <jpieper> sjust: Yep, 7fb182 appears to fix that problem. Thanks!
[23:30] <gregaf1> nwatkins`: well that's fun, what does the server side say?
[23:32] <nwatkins`> gregaf1: is it safe to rm the log file? it's like 250mb and i want to get something trimed up to look at
[23:32] <gregaf1> not sure what you mean
[23:33] <gregaf1> it's some kind of messaging error, so assuming it persists I don't think we'll care about past history, if that's what you mean
[23:33] <nwatkins`> that's what i mean. i want to get the most recent stuff, but my box is pretty laggy dealing with this enormous txt file
[23:34] <nwatkins`> it's reproducible, so i wanted to just start with an empty log and re-run the test
[23:34] <gregaf1> heh
[23:34] <gregaf1> yeah, should be fine
[23:34] <nwatkins`> hmm
[23:34] <nwatkins`> it's not returning...
[23:37] <nwatkins`> gregaf1: either way, here is the tail end of the mds log. it definitely includes at least one instance of the test in which the client received connection refused. http://pastebin.com/jK76X2hd
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[23:39] <gregaf1> nwatkins: oh, no messenger debug on the mds? :(
[23:39] <nwatkins`> ahh
[23:40] <nwatkins`> yikes, no
[23:40] <gregaf1> I don't think I can do much without that, since the client never actually makes it to the MDS code
[23:41] <gregaf1> the clocks are off too, though I presume that's just because they're off on the hardware
[23:41] <nwatkins`> shoot, i restarted ceph too and the problem is gone. i believe that this is the same symptom that I saw last week, and when i bumped up the logs, the MDS was complaining that there were not any available file descriptors
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