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[17:19] <psomas> Are lpg_num and lpgp_num documented anywhere? And is there any reason for using 256pgs per pool as a default, but when you create a new pool the default is 16 i think?
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[20:22] <NaioN> anybody using mdraid on the osd's?
[20:23] <NaioN> I have a setup with 2 osd's with 12 disks each, on the disks I run a mdraid (RAID6) and on the md device btrfs
[20:25] <NaioN> after a while with a high rsync workload (20 concurrent sessions, lots of small files, about 1.2T) both OSDs commit suicide (with some time between)
[20:26] <NaioN> I now did a runs with an OSD per disk and didn't get the suicide, so it looks like mdraid triggers it
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