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IRC Log for 2011-10-22

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[0:27] <sagewk> sjust: btw i killed the crashed state entirely, it wasn't really necessary, and the name was confusing
[0:51] <Tv> woo success with crowbar 1.1beta3
[0:51] <Tv> found a crappy state machine parser that assumed the world always looks a certain way, that ended up running "tcpdump -i -a" when it didn't
[0:51] <Tv> there's no network interface called "-a" :(
[0:52] <Tv> (this is one of the reasons why teuthology forces you to give args as a list, not as a string...)
[0:58] <Tv> need to do the same on the non-admin nodes, it seems
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[12:32] <chaos__> sagewk, when i can expect new collectd plugin?:)
[12:32] <chaos__> (rewritten)
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[14:47] <NaioN> sagewk: both osds are crashed with the same error, I've the logs of both but they are HUGE (25G and 149G), so how many lines do you want?
[14:48] <NaioN> no core dumps, because both daemons are in Dsl status
[14:48] <NaioN> with top I see a high IO wait, but I don't see any io on the disks
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[23:51] <sage> naion: if they are stuck in D state that suggests a kernel issue (blocked/hung syscall). do you have this patch? https://github.com/chrismason/linux/commit/b6316429af7f365f307dfd2b6a7a42f2563aef19

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