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[0:44] <gregaf> df__: it depends on the circumstances — stat'ing by itself should be pretty quick but depending on what all happens it might force the other node to dump its buffers out to disk
[0:44] <gregaf> (if that happens under *all* stats then we have a bug; it's designed to not force that dump unless you try and do a great deal more than just look at file size)
[0:54] <conner> anyone know what the current largest ceph deployment is?
[0:55] <conner> I'm doing a GPFS deployment because there weren't any other production ready options
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[0:59] <greglap> conner: depends on what level of the stack you're discussing
[1:00] <conner> greglap, OIC, well I guess all the way to behaving with a POSIX interface would be my interest
[1:00] <greglap> the filesystem isn't production-ready for most uses yet, but the largest existing cluster I'm aware of is ~90 daemons in a testing environment
[1:00] <conner> how large are the OSTs?
[1:01] <greglap> not sure how big the OSDs are
[1:01] <conner> we care more about space than performance
[1:02] <conner> we've been buying these 48 3.5" disk bay nodes
[1:02] <greglap> we have a cluster here of like 1.5 PB in 1.5 racks or something that's running the object store but not the filesystem
[1:03] <conner> that's interesting... is it lots of small nodes or a few big guys?
[1:03] <greglap> it's running 1 daemon/disk
[1:04] <conner> oh interesting, so no hardware raid at all?
[1:04] <greglap> (I'm in a meeting now so responses may take a while, sorry)
[1:04] <greglap> I think they've got RAID cards but it's in JBOD mode?
[1:05] <greglap> sorry, not super-familiar with the hardware itself
[1:06] <conner> greglap, has anyone looked at plugging irods into the ceph OSDs?
[1:07] <greglap> I'm not familiar with irods?
[1:08] <conner> https://www.irods.org/index.php/IRODS:Data_Grids,_Digital_Libraries,_Persistent_Archives,_and_Real-time_Data_Systems
[1:10] <greglap> heh, that'll take a while to go through :)
[1:11] <conner> greglap, it's sort of a meta layer... it hands moving files around, replication, and object access but it doesn't do storage
[1:11] <conner> but it's rule/policy based... you can write rules for everything
[1:12] <greglap> probably not then — RADOS handles placement on its own and if you try and make somebody else handle placement you'd break the entire system
[1:12] <conner> well rados could be treated as a single storage backend
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[12:51] <df__> dd: writing `/mnt/ceph/lf.7453.12618.27625': File too large
[12:51] <df__> 1099511627776 bytes (1.1 TB) copied, 12870.9 s, 85.4 MB/s
[12:51] <df__> is that meant to happen?
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