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IRC Log for 2011-10-08

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[0:01] <sjust> df__: it looks like a filesystem operation hung
[0:02] <df__> that was on vc-fs3, affecting osd.2?
[0:03] <sjust> on fs2, it looks like
[0:03] <df__> time?
[0:03] <sjust> between 09:54:09 and 10:32:06
[0:04] <sjust> most likely at 10:31:06
[0:05] <sjust> the disk_tp timed out message indicates that the watcher thread detected that thread 7f5553059700 hung
[0:06] <df__> hmm, it will still be in that state now perhaps. is there anything i can poke to determine what it is hung on?
[0:07] <df__> the process isn't blocking for long periods such that the kernel scheduler moans about it
[0:07] <sjust> I was hoping to get a hint from the earlier logs. The operation it got stuck on will be in the journal, so you could restart the OSD with filestore debugging at 20
[0:08] <df__> ok, config stanza for that?
[0:09] <sjust> in the osd section: debug filestore = 20
[0:15] <df__> ftp://ftp.kw.bbc.co.uk/davidf/priv/ceph/aiChae4p.txt
[0:26] <df__> sjust, btw, is there a command to adjust the configuration of an osd without restarting?
[0:29] <sjust> ceph osd tell '(mds name)' injectargs '--debug_filestore 20' I think
[0:29] <sjust> oops
[0:29] <sjust> ceph osd tell osd.# injectargs '--debug_filestore 20' I think
[0:32] <df__> failed again, just updating that log
[0:34] <df__> ok, see the same file, should run up to about 22:30
[0:38] <df__> right, i must head to bed (it is actually GMT+1 here). if there is any further information i can collect (or a suggested fix), i'll check scrollback in the morning
[0:39] <df__> sjust, thank you for your help so far
[0:39] <sjust> ok, thanks
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