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[20:33] <damian_> coo
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[23:09] <df__> Oct 7 18:46:12 vc-fs2 osd.1[5128]: 7f5561277700 heartbeat_map is_healthy 'OSD::disk_tp thread 0x7f5553059700' had timed out after 60
[23:10] <df__> i'm getting a lot of that, any cause/condern?
[23:10] <df__> Oct 7 18:46:27 vc-fs1 mon.0[20126]: 7f3e42875700 mon.0@0(leader).osd e2170 OSDMonitor::handle_osd_timeouts: last got MOSDPGStat info from osd 1 at 2011-10-07 18:31:25.785995.
[23:10] <df__> It has been 902.028973, so we're marking it down!
[23:10] <df__> then a load of:
[23:10] <df__> Oct 7 18:46:55 vc-fs2 osd.1[5128]: 7f5552858700 osd1 2170 heartbeat_check: no heartbeat from osd0 since 2011-10-07 18:46:27.849379 (cutoff 2011-10-07 18:46:35.100453)
[23:11] <df__> Oct 7 18:46:55 vc-fs2 osd.1[5128]: 7f5552858700 osd1 2170 heartbeat_check: no heartbeat from osd2 since 2011-10-07 18:46:27.959135 (cutoff 2011-10-07 18:46:35.100453)
[23:11] <df__> as if osd.1 doesn't quite know it has been fenced
[23:12] <gregaf> sjust and sagewk probably want to see that
[23:13] <sjust> hmm
[23:13] <sjust> anything in dmesg?
[23:13] <df__> from around the time of the "event" no
[23:14] <sjust> you probably didn't have filestore debugging on, right?
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[23:15] <df__> no extra debugging than the normal messages
[23:15] <sjust> can you post the log?
[23:16] <df__> sure, just filtering it
[23:25] <df__> ftp://ftp.kw.bbc.co.uk/davidf/priv/ceph/emaiT5Sa.txt
[23:25] <df__> you may want to filter the 'journal throttle: waited for bytes' message
[23:27] <df__> the log starts with the first inscance of the timed out message. however, everything is working at that point
[23:27] <df__> 3 osd's up. osd.2 had been cleared and the whole system was resyncing
[23:28] <df__> cleared = formated ext4
[23:29] <sjust> what sort of workload was running?
[23:29] <df__> s/osd.2/osd.1
[23:30] * df__ grumbles at vc-fs$N hosting osd.$N-1
[23:30] <sjust> heh
[23:30] <df__> no client workload, just the resync/rebuild of osd.1
[23:31] <sjust> ok, I see
[23:31] <df__> what term do you use for that (eg, resilver for zfs)
[23:31] <sjust> recovery
[23:31] <df__> ok, osd.1 was recovering at a mean speed of 160MB/sec
[23:32] <df__> (man limit is the journal that peaks at about 180MB/sec to 200MB/sec)
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[23:33] <df__> need to get some more SSDs for that (since the underlying array can to 1.5GB/sec raw, 1GB/sec md raid6 and 7-800MB/sec ext4, [streaming writes])
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[23:35] <sjust> monitor messages indicate that one OSD is marked down, was that OSD1 (fs2)?
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[23:45] <df__> yes, afaict
[23:45] <df__> btw, is there a status command that lists the known state of everything, ie which osd's are in, which monitors, etc.,
[23:45] <sjust> it would hbe helpfull to have logs befroe the disk_tp timed out message started
[23:46] <sjust> ceph osd dump -o -
[23:46] <sjust> will dump the current osd state
[23:46] <sjust> ceph pg dump -o - will dump current pg state
[23:46] <sjust> not sure about monitors
[23:46] <df__> osd1 down
[23:46] <sjust> though ceph -s will tell you how many are up
[23:46] <sjust> I think
[23:55] <df__> ok, just grabbing all of the log for today
[23:55] <sjust> cool
[23:56] <df__> nb, that will include a load of kicking things this morning, from when i reinitialised osd.1
[23:56] <sjust> that's ok
[23:59] <df__> and vc-fs3 had died of its own accord overnight, i restart it at 09:39:02, ftp://ftp.kw.bbc.co.uk/davidf/priv/ceph/Xaitegh7.txt
[23:59] <df__> 09:21:55 is when i mounted the filesystem for osd.1

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