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[0:07] <Tv|work> fyi i'm fixing a bunch of the c* -> ceph-* changes, push coming as soon as make distcheck completes
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[0:11] <gregaf1> sagewk: you have any idea about this rbd OOM thing?
[0:21] <sagewk> what's the workload?
[0:22] <sagewk> how long does it take before the rsync makes it oom?
[0:22] <gregaf1> wonko_be said said 1TB rsync inside of a Xen dom0 (I think), dunno how long
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[0:30] <Tv|work> so "make distcheck" has apparently been broken for a while.. fixing.
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[0:38] <Tv|work> gregaf1: wouldn't a better criteria for a radosgw PUT being an acl put be the "?acl" query string?
[0:39] <Tv|work> http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AmazonS3/latest/API/RESTObjectPUTacl.html
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[0:55] <Tv|work> rename cleanup, distcheck cleanup, etc pushed
[0:56] <Tv|work> also fixes for make dist, rpm & deb builds
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[10:39] <wonko_be> gregaf1 / sagewk: it went OOM after about 3 hours of rsync'ing
[10:41] <wonko_be> the data is mixed: a lot of documents, source code and mails, and a fairly large set of *ahum* backups of mp3 and avi files ;)
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[17:08] <Kioob1> hi
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[19:44] <greglap> hi Kioob
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[21:13] <lxo> I'm observing a significant increase in memory footprint in cmon and cosd in 0.35. is that expected?
[21:27] <greglap> lxo: what levels? I wouldn't have thought so but we did widen a few basic data type
[21:27] <greglap> *types
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[22:36] <Kioob> in the FAQ, it's said that Ceph is not ready for production use. Is it still the case ?
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[23:01] <greglap> Kioob: depends on which parts of the system you're using, but basically yes: Ceph is not production-stable
[23:28] <lxo> greglap, it used to take some 1.3, 2 or 4 G per OSD, depending on 3, 2 or 1 active OSD. when I mentioned it, it was up to 6G on one and it got up to 14G on another
[23:29] <lxo> I single OSD, still recovering from a restart, is already past 8GB
[23:31] <lxo> now, since one got up to 14G, I think it's a safe bet that there's some leak, no?
[23:33] <greglap> lxo: oh, I think maybe there was a bit of badness that got in and is fixed in commit 5503d4501742fb6e8aee3e4096e75c933edc8e8f
[23:34] <greglap> due to some of the PG changes
[23:34] <greglap> can you try pulling that in? (it's on the stable branch)
[23:34] <greglap> otherwise I'll have to discuss with people on Monday
[23:36] <lxo> will do
[23:36] <lxo> thanks
[23:43] <lxo> greglap, 5503d450 is something else, unrelated to memory, and I already got that in
[23:51] <greglap> it's not a memory leak, but it was a problem the I think spun up a lot of memory-heavy ops
[23:51] <greglap> in any case, if you already have it then I'll need to discuss with people on Monday, sorry
[23:55] <lxo> hmm, actually, I'm not using that right now; the only machine on which I installed this patch is the one whose osd is inactive atm (it's trying to run my old ceph FS, processing the corrupt logs over and over on each restart). I'll try it on the others
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[23:55] <lxo> and then let you know
[23:55] <lxo> hmm, I guess he didn't see this
[23:55] <lxo> gregaf1, see above :-)
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