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[0:28] <Tv|work> i can't figure out mailman :(
[0:28] <Tv|work> where is the setting for who can send to a mailing list
[0:29] <Tv|work> ooh privacy -> sender filters
[0:29] <Tv|work> what a logical place
[0:31] <greglap> Tv|work: are you updating stuff so github will send to the list?
[0:31] <Tv|work> yeah
[0:31] <Tv|work> it's already sending, just not getting through ;)
[0:31] <greglap> cool
[0:31] <greglap> just making sure I don't need to watch them all individually
[0:32] <joshd> oh yeah, could you add teuthworker@teuthology.ceph.dreamhost.com too?
[0:32] <joshd> or should we make a separate list for test results?
[0:32] <Tv|work> joshd: to ceph-devel, right?
[0:32] <joshd> to the commits list
[0:32] <Tv|work> oh
[0:32] <Tv|work> funky
[0:34] <Tv|work> joshd: should be done, let me know if it fails
[0:36] <joshd> cool, thanks
[0:41] <greglap> Tv|work: are commit hooks going to work for all repos, or just specific ones?
[0:41] <Tv|work> greglap: they need to be enabled repo by repo
[0:41] <greglap> okay
[0:41] <Tv|work> greglap: can you push something to ceph.git and see if you get a -commit email?
[0:42] <Tv|work> a non-master branch should be fine
[0:42] <Tv|work> i'm not actually subscribed, so i'd need to wait for the archive to update..
[0:43] <greglap> heh, it's from "noreply"
[0:43] <greglap> and the header is awful
[0:44] <greglap> but it did arrive!
[0:44] <Tv|work> yeah it ain't pretty but that would require custom code
[0:44] <greglap> we can't take it out of our current hooks?
[0:44] <Tv|work> we'd need to expose them via the web somehow yadda yadda
[0:44] <Tv|work> it's not like we'd run our shell scripts on github's servers
[0:45] <Tv|work> (or sign up for yet another hosted service; there's like dozens listed in the github admin ui)
[0:47] <greglap> hmmm, maybe we should have the emails trigger our emails :p
[0:47] <Tv|work> that's even worse ;)
[0:48] <Tv|work> sudo apt-get install rubegoldbergd
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[0:50] <Tv|work> BTW: my calendar tells me the Aon building will be without power during weekend -- shut off your desktop at the end of the day
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