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[0:56] <cmccabe> hey guys, I just merged the argument parsing changes
[0:56] <cmccabe> let me know if you see any regressions
[0:56] <cmccabe> in master
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[3:29] <djlee> anyone
[3:29] <djlee> ?
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[15:25] <slang> sagewk: I haven't been able to reproduce #1472 yet, I'll try to run the same tests today to see if they pop up again.
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[17:34] <InnerFIRE> hello
[17:34] <InnerFIRE> anyone know why I would get "mount error 16 = Device or resource busy" ?
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[17:46] <gregaf> InnerFIRE: when did you get that? kernel client or cfuse or rbd?
[17:46] <InnerFIRE> kernel client
[17:46] <InnerFIRE> right after I typed "mount -t ceph /ceph"
[17:48] <gregaf> hrm
[17:48] <InnerFIRE> kernel is 3.0.3 if that makes a difference
[17:50] <gregaf> I don't see anything in our code base that should be popping that back as an error code, though I'm not sure what the standard ones are
[17:50] <gregaf> I'll ask around later when people get in; I don't use the kernel client much myself
[17:51] <InnerFIRE> it is now back to "mount error 5 = Input/output error"
[17:51] <InnerFIRE> what other options are there? I follwed the directions on the website
[17:52] <gregaf> ah, 5 is less confusing to me; let's see
[17:54] <gregaf> oh, I think you need to specify the port to connect to, try that
[17:54] <gregaf> as part of the ip
[17:54] <gregaf> "mount -t ceph /ceph"
[17:55] <gregaf> if that doesn't work, what happens when you run "ceph -s -m"?
[17:58] <InnerFIRE> possible clue there
[18:01] <InnerFIRE> must kill ntp removing coworkers ..
[18:02] <ajm> who needs time to be in sync, you have a watch, right?
[18:02] <gregaf> are your monitor clocks all out of sync?
[18:02] <gregaf> that would do it
[18:03] <InnerFIRE> out of sync and one machine in a different timezone
[18:03] <gregaf> yep, that's probably your problem
[18:03] <InnerFIRE> fixed the sync, same problem so correcting the timezone
[18:04] <sagewk> gregaf: one more colon: mount -t ceph /ceph ... but if it's 6789 you don't need it
[18:04] <sagewk> the port that i
[18:04] <sagewk> s
[18:04] <gregaf> in general the system should work okay with weird clocks, but your metadata can get a bit wonky (both the clients and the MDSes set times), and your monitors need to be pretty close or their map commit algorithms won't work
[18:04] <gregaf> sagewk: whoops
[18:05] <gregaf> and sorry I didn't email the list about that messenger fix in ReplicatedPG; I thought I had but just this morning noticed it only went back to the original sender :/
[18:05] <sagewk> no worries
[18:06] <sagewk> wouldn't have seen it anyway, my ~monthly "you're unsubscribed from everything on vger" bit me again this week.
[18:06] <gregaf> heh
[18:07] <InnerFIRE> mailserver doing something they hate?
[18:09] <InnerFIRE> no dice
[18:09] <InnerFIRE> http://pastebin.com/SLck7big
[18:10] <InnerFIRE> there is the output from "ceph -s -m" any ideas ?
[18:10] <gregaf> InnerFIRE: hmm, none of your OSDs are considered up ??? are they running?
[18:11] <InnerFIRE> 12375 ? Dsl 0:00 /usr/bin/cosd -i 0 -c /tmp/ceph.conf.11862
[18:11] <InnerFIRE> ?
[18:11] <InnerFIRE> something is
[18:13] <InnerFIRE> config is here: http://pastebin.com/BBxX8X8h
[18:14] <gregaf> hmm, try shutting it down and starting it up again, but add debugging to the startup
[18:14] <gregaf> cosd -i 0 -c /path/to/conf ???debug_ms 1 ???debug_osd 20
[18:19] <InnerFIRE> 2011-09-07 16:19:38.345993 7fea22c57720 unrecognized arg ?debug_osd
[18:20] <gregaf> urgh, I need to disable autocorrect in Adium
[18:20] <gregaf> you need two dashes, not the emdash
[18:20] <gregaf> on "--debug_osd"
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[18:27] <InnerFIRE> ok
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[18:28] <InnerFIRE> going to work on this some more in the morning
[18:28] <InnerFIRE> thanks for the help
[18:28] <gregaf> np, later!
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[18:33] <sagewk> gregaf: sepia was fine yesterday, right?
[18:33] <gregaf> yeah
[18:33] <sagewk> k. they're looking at it.
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[18:49] <gregaf> sagewk: we doing our standup today since there's sprint planning?
[18:49] <sagewk> no lets skip it
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[19:05] <Tv> is sepia still moving to Irvine, right now? can't reach it
[19:05] <Tv> as in, is this an intended downtime or not
[19:07] <joshd> Tv: sage says the switch is down
[19:07] <Tv> ah
[19:14] <sagewk> rk is en route to replace the switch... eta is noonish?
[19:15] <Tv> CentOS fails to find it's installation ISO if you "test" it (md5sum or something), but can find it just fine it you don't. Kwa-li-tee.
[19:15] <Tv> s/it/if/
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[21:46] <sagewk> sepia is back
[21:48] <sagewk> sort of, still getting the vms up
[21:52] <Tv> sagewk: oh hey the cheesy2 thing might still not come up automatically
[21:52] <sagewk> tv: where does that run?
[21:52] <Tv> on ceph-kvm*
[21:52] <Tv> at least 1 has it though
[21:53] <sagewk> 2-4 were the ones i had to powercycle
[21:53] <Tv> yeah i did automate that
[21:53] <Tv> confirmed cheesy2 is running on ceph-kvm2 too, should be good everywhere
[21:53] <sagewk> cool
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