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[0:47] <bchrisman> sjust: thanks.. that fixed my install.. everything's working again now
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[10:31] <TimoV> Hello All ! I'm all new to ceph and I have small problem with my first config.... :) I got the system up and running fine, but then I had to reboot all of the machines (my fault). Afterwards I got the daemons up and running but I'm unable to mount the filesystem and I get the "mount error 5 = Input/output error".
[10:33] <TimoV> I found out this to be caused by mds being in "replay" state. And finally the question is: How long should the replay take? Mine has been running now to more than two days. The seq is 21500 and going up by one per second...
[10:34] <TimoV> Is there any way of knowing how many seq:s it is going to go trough? Thanks for any help.. :)
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