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[3:51] <huangjun> hi,all
[3:52] <huangjun> i really confused, what your read speed? i have 2 osds, and the speed is always 40-50MB/s
[3:53] <huangjun> i need to know, does OSD cached object it reads before? thank you@
[4:21] <huangjun> but ObjectCacher is only worked if we use cfuse or csync, but not kernel client.
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[15:00] <huangjun> good morning
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[19:25] <cmccabe> I guess I'm not sure... what is it that we need to escape in escape_json_attr that we are not currently escaping?
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[20:04] <jmlowe> Does anybody know if the ceph improvements for the 3.0 kernel will be backported to let's say 2.6.38, or more specifically the ubuntu natty narwal kernel?
[20:07] <gregaf> jmlowe: it's unlikely ??? we used to maintain a backports branch but the kernel interfaces went through a lot of churn around that time so we haven't had the manpower to handle backporting
[20:09] <gregaf> I'm not sure how hard 3.0 -> 2.6.38 would be, though, so somebody else might be able to do it, or the appropriate questioning might be inducement enough ??? you'd have to ask Sage when he's not in a meeting :)
[20:09] <jmlowe> so my best choices are build my own from kernel.org or sit tight for oneiric?
[20:11] <jmlowe> build my own 3.0 that is
[20:14] <jmlowe> I guess I could also just shove in the kernel deb's from oneiric prereleases
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[20:47] <jojy> is there a doc on the daemon architecture/design. wanted to look at the dentry lookup code
[21:09] <yehudasa> jojy: which daemon?
[21:30] <gregaf> jojy: basically all the documentation we have on the code architecture is in the code, and there's not a lot of it :(
[21:31] <bchrisman> is there doxygen-like output lying around somewhere?
[21:37] <yehudasa> bchrisman: we don't have any
[21:54] <gregaf> hopefully we will have more documentation going forward ??? it is part of our coding style guide now, at least
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[22:17] <jojy> Thanks guys.
[22:24] <jojy> whats the event loop method in mds?
[22:29] <jojy> "dispatch_client_request" looks like it
[22:31] <gregaf> jojy: it's all driven by incoming messages; dispatch_client_request is probably the most important for your purposes but the highest-level one is MDS::ms_dispatch
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[23:02] <sagewk> gregaf, sjust, joshd, cmccabe,tv, yehudasa: quick meeting (~15min) at 4:30
[23:06] <sjust> ok
[23:07] <Tv> sagewk: pushing my overtime for today just over the limit, you'll have to approve that ;)
[23:07] <sagewk> ok!
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[23:23] <jojy> gregaf: although i have mds log level set to 20, i dont see any logs from "dispatch_client_request". Anything quick i shud check
[23:34] <gregaf> jojy: hmm, it should come out with debug mds >= 7
[23:35] <jojy> k
[23:36] <sagewk> yehudasa: cmpxattr is the one right?
[23:37] <yehudasa> hmm
[23:38] <yehudasa> sagewk: there used to be assert_version
[23:38] <sagewk> ah, CEPH_OSD_OP_ASSERT_VER
[23:38] <yehudasa> yep
[23:42] <gregaf> that doesn't actually assert on a failure, does it?
[23:43] <yehudasa> gregaf: no
[23:43] <gregaf> oh good
[23:44] <yehudasa> it asserts the object version, so you can make a compound operation that'll complete only if the object is at a specific version
[23:44] <yehudasa> handy for avoiding races
[23:45] <gregaf> yeah, it makes sense, I was just worried by the use of "assert" in the op title that it was an easy way to do something nasty :)
[23:46] <yehudasa> we can rename it to OSD_OP_CRASH_WHENEVER

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