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[13:42] <wonko_be_> I see that one goal for .32 would be Chef recipes
[13:42] <wonko_be_> anything existing there yet?
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[13:42] <wido> wonko_be: what?
[13:43] <wonko_be> chef recipes
[13:43] <wonko_be> (for ceph, obviously)
[13:43] <wonko_be> (from the latest newspost: "Chef scripts")
[13:44] <wonko_be> i assumed that would be recipes/cookbook for chef (opscode)
[13:44] <wonko_be> so, before hacking it all together myself, I wondered if there was some "prior work" I could pour some time in
[13:45] <wido> ah, ok :-) Not that I know of, you might want to check the repos if there is something in there
[13:46] <wonko_be> at first glance, I couldn't find anything in the repos
[13:46] <wonko_be> hence my irc-nagging :-)
[13:46] <wido> hehe, might want to stick around for another 4 hours or so
[13:47] <wonko_be> uhu
[13:47] <wonko_be> I'll try another fs first :-)
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[19:33] <gregaf> wonko_be: I'm afraid there aren't any chef recipes that we know of
[19:34] <gregaf> where did you see that, anyway?
[19:56] <yehudasa> gregaf: the v0.31 news post says that we're working on chef scripts
[19:59] <Tv> that doesn't mean they exist yet ;
[20:00] <Tv> last i talked with people, the cmon side is starting to work, cosd not yet, cmds is not relevant to dho so it's not even started
[20:37] <sagewk> tv: for collectd monitor stats plugin, does it matter which python version? 2.6?
[20:38] <Tv> it needs to run on the dho machines, i don't know what that means exactly
[20:38] <Tv> (never even logged in)
[20:38] <Tv> 2.6 is what i prefer as a sane base these days
[20:38] <Tv> 2.5 means you need clumsy workarounds, <2.5 is insanity
[20:39] <Tv> qdoba time
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[21:20] <wonko_be> so I'll whip them up myself
[21:21] <wonko_be> if I end up with something usefull, i'll give a yell
[21:23] <gregaf> cool
[21:26] <wonko_be> what is a "dho machine"?
[21:28] <gregaf> DreamHost Objects
[21:28] <gregaf> the S3-compatible service we're building with RGW
[21:30] <wonko_be> okay
[21:30] <wonko_be> let me make the recipes first for my infra, its up to you guys then to adapt them to fit your needs :-)
[21:30] <gregaf> heh, yeah
[21:31] <gregaf> collectd is different from Chef though (I think? unless they're related projects or something); it's a statistics monitoring service
[21:31] <wonko_be> collectd is for zabbix i think
[21:31] <wonko_be> or something simular
[21:33] <wonko_be> it's standalone, so told me google
[21:33] <wonko_be> dreamhost objects are just virtual machines?
[21:33] <Tv> collectd is collects
[21:34] <Tv> err
[21:34] <Tv> collectd is collectd
[21:34] <Tv> zabbix, nagios or whatever can be taught to monitor the numbers there, too
[21:34] <wonko_be> uhu, just found it out, stands next to zabbix or cacti or mrtg, ...
[21:35] <Tv> wonko_be: dho machines are a bunch of pretty beefy servers
[21:35] <wonko_be> okay, the nodes to run ceph on
[21:36] <wonko_be> i'll make them for my hardware, it shouldn't be rocket science to adapt it to specific needs
[21:36] <wonko_be> device paths will have to be defined in attributes anyhow
[21:50] <sagewk> bchrisman: anything new on that nfs estale issue?
[21:51] <sagewk> btw there was another small bug fixed in the push for 3.1, commit e5f86dc377e7ff2b4195831153a85a3e76fefff2
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