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[0:09] <gregaf> all, I just pushed a filepath change to master that should work fine ??? it passed several of the snaptests and a few other things ??? but it wouldn't surprise me if there are odd uses that I missed; let me know if it breaks something or you hit one of the asserts! (planning to take those out before the next release, but want them to sit through more tests first)
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[0:19] <cmccabe> tv: what command do I need to run some mds tests with by wip-objecter-error-handling branch
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[0:19] <Tv> cmccabe: that's so vague that i don't know
[0:19] <Tv> what are some mds tests?
[0:19] <cmccabe> tv: basic functionality?
[0:20] <Tv> nobody's defined such
[0:20] <cmccabe> tv: let me put it this way
[0:20] <cmccabe> tv: something that would identify a regression
[0:20] <Tv> there's benchmarks, stress tests, compliance tests, but nobody has declared anything "basic"
[0:21] <cmccabe> tv: what is a compliance test
[0:21] <gregaf> any of them might identify "a regression"
[0:21] <Tv> cmccabe: i don't have the answer you want; i can tell you how to run some test, but i don't know what test you want
[0:21] <gregaf> I doubt any of them are likely to, unless it's really hideous though :p
[0:21] <cmccabe> tv: let's assume I want to run the compliance tests. That sounds like a good choice.
[0:22] <cmccabe> tv: what's the procedure
[0:22] <gregaf> I don't remember what all's in that branch, but fsstress is probably the best single test to get him going with
[0:22] <Tv> fsstress? ok, that's packaged nicely by autotest
[0:22] <gregaf> what we'd really need is a test that deliberately introduces errors, though, and we don't have any of those yet
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[0:23] <cmccabe> this is just testing the gather refactoring
[0:23] <Tv> so you want a teuthology job with something like
[0:23] <Tv> tasks:
[0:23] <Tv> - ceph:
[0:23] <cmccabe> I can test the rados stuff myself with my testrados tool
[0:23] <Tv> - kclient: [client.0]
[0:23] <Tv> - autotest:
[0:23] <Tv> client.0: [fsstress]
[0:23] <cmccabe> or at least bug #1231
[0:25] <cmccabe> tv: ok thanks, I will try that
[0:26] <gregaf> Tv: how do you specify the right branch to be using again?
[0:27] <Tv> gregaf: by reading the docstring on teuthology/task/ceph.py function task
[0:27] <gregaf> ah, right, I thought it was somewhere but I couldn't fin dit
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[1:41] <cmccabe> tv: looks like teuthology is hooked into gitbuilder so when I test, I'm testing the latest version built on gitbuilder... right?
[1:42] <Tv> that's the default
[1:44] <cmccabe> I suppose in order to override that, I'd have to run my own HTTP server and all that again
[1:44] <Tv> gitbuilder builds any branch you push to the repo
[1:44] <cmccabe> it's just taking a while
[1:45] <cmccabe> can't I just run make tar and pass it the tar file or something
[1:46] <Tv> not as it is right now, everyone has plenty to do so nobody's had time to cover the less-critical features, and that'll be hard to support with the gcov on/off etc flags, so it'll probably need a bigger refactor
[1:47] <cmccabe> I understand, just consider it a feature request if you like
[1:47] <Tv> also, the core is 1-2k of python with decent docstrings, read it
[1:48] <cmccabe> for example, since master has priority on gitbuilder, and there was just a big merge, it will probably be at least 30 minutes until it builds my branch again and I can re-run that test through teuthology
[1:48] <cmccabe> I am going to run the test locally to make up for that
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[17:50] <i-> hi
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[17:52] <i-> I couldn't find in the documentation a list of the libraries required to compile ceph (latest, 0.30), is there such a list somewhere ?
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[18:34] <i-> ciao
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[18:54] <joshd> bchrisman: do you know the exact revision on your cluster? the line numbers don't match up with librados from v0.28.2
[19:03] <bchrisman> joshd: I'll see if I can track down the precise code base compiled there.
[19:15] <bchrisman> joshd: woudl've been built on master as of 6/6/11??? the revision in the rpm name is more of an approximation.. we weren't tracking the head sha1 for builds at that time but we're putting that in now.
[19:16] <joshd> bchrisman: thanks, good to know.
[19:16] <joshd> looks like a race condition - it completed successfully once I stopped it long enough in gdb
[19:20] <bchrisman> ahhh nifty??? :)
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[19:31] <bchrisman> joshd: I'd expect they'd line up somewhere around 0baa108ba968e021f362057f706f94e1cf475041??? we'll have exact-for-certain matches on future issues.
[19:39] <joshd> cool, that matches up in librados
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