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[0:47] <bchrisman> here's an excerpt from monlog (20) during that cfuse failure
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[0:55] <bchrisman> hrm
[0:55] <bchrisman> time synchronization was too far off
[0:55] <bchrisman> 15s??? when I had them synch'ed, mounted immediatley.
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[0:59] <Tv> bchrisman: huh, the sepia cluster here seems to have very unreliable clocks, they're regularly 30sec off, that only ever affects things that look at mtimes
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[0:59] <Tv> i don't think there's anything time-related in ceph auth
[1:00] <bchrisman> wonder if there's a dependence on what mon you're mounting against and whether its time offset is positive or negative.. dunno
[1:01] <bchrisman> in this case, mon I was targeting with mount was ???15s??? but that was the same node as the client
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[1:01] <bchrisman> other nodes where 0 & +8sec
[1:01] <Tv> bchrisman: what i'm saying is that it's statistically very unlikely for me to never have seen that problem, if it were so
[1:02] <Tv> Mr. Occam says I should look for another explanation, at least for a while.
[1:02] <sagewk> there are problems in the mon communications if hte clocks are off, which can prevent it from being readable, and may prevent auth
[1:02] <sagewk> at least there used to be :)
[1:02] <Tv> sagewk: i wonder why we don't trigger then more often
[1:03] <Tv> as in, i can run pjdtests with the cluster wildly off-sync, and only the mtime stuff fails
[1:03] <sagewk> maybe only 1 monitor in the sepia workloads?
[1:03] <Tv> most often 3
[1:03] <bchrisman> I'm running 3 mons??? and only see this in failing mount
[1:04] <sagewk> it's auth that fails, or auth request never gets a reply?
[1:04] <Tv> sagewk: his log had auth timing out
[1:04] <bchrisman> that's the message I get yeah
[1:04] <bchrisman> there a bug out for it?
[1:05] <sagewk> nope
[1:06] <bchrisman> I'll put one in.. can at least probably have a better error message..
[1:07] <Tv> bchrisman: the message should also say whether it got a tcp connection or not, etc
[1:07] <Tv> bchrisman: to head people in the right path when troubleshooting
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[1:09] <Tv> "failed to connect to any monitor" vs "monitors did not reply, tried, "
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[10:25] <trollface> ugh
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[18:06] <trollface> I have 2 pgs in crashed+down+peering state, is it fixable?
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[19:32] <tuhl> what is the current state of btrfs? Is is production ready for ceph?
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