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[13:20] <chraible> hi @all when I want to mount a ceph FS... "mount -t ceph /mnt/ceph " I got the following error:
[13:20] <chraible> sh: modprobe: command not found
[13:20] <chraible> mount.ceph: modprobe failed, exit status 127
[13:21] <chraible> has anyone an Idea?
[13:21] <chraible> mount is as root and PATH of modprobe is ok...
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[16:53] <bchrisman> chraible: I get the same thing. There's some expectation in the system() call that's not valid for all distros I think. Are you on a redhat derivative as well? However, that message doesn't prevent the mount from going through, so long as you've loaded the ceph kernel module already.
[16:54] <chraible> yes it is CentOS 5.6 with new compiled kernelversion 2.6.38 from EPEL repositroy
[16:56] <chraible> after 20-30 seconds there comes following error now: "mount error 5 = Input/output error"
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[18:26] <sagewk> chraible, bchrisman: is CONFIG_KEY compiled into your kernel?
[18:32] <yehudasa> Tv: there's an issue with test_s3:test_bucket_acl_canned
[18:32] <Tv> ?
[18:32] <yehudasa> it assumes grants order
[18:33] <Tv> oh yeah
[18:33] <Tv> could do sets or sort or something
[18:33] <Tv> i can rewrite the test, gimme 10 min
[18:33] <yehudasa> ok
[18:33] <Tv> aws did order them reliably though ;)
[18:33] <yehudasa> well.. we hold everything in a map sorted by the id I think
[18:34] <yehudasa> when the owner id used to start in uppercase it happened to be the first every time
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[18:41] <yehudasa> Tv: the same issue with other tests.. the test_bucket_acl_grant_* ones
[18:41] <Tv> yehudasa: yeah refactoring
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[18:58] <Tv> yehudasa: alright now it ignores the order
[18:58] <yehudasa> Tv: cool, I'll try that out
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[19:01] <yehudasa> Tv: yeah, that looks good
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[21:37] <wido> sjust: are you there?
[21:37] <sjust> wido: yes
[21:37] <sjust> wido: we are looking into the recovery bugs
[21:38] <wido> ah, great :) just wanted to ask if I could be of any assist
[21:38] <sjust> it looks like we are going to need to rework some of the peering and recovery code
[21:38] <sjust> wido: the logs on Friday made it clear what was going wrong :)
[21:43] <wido> ok, great
[21:43] <wido> just update the issue, then I'll give it a try whenever you have something ready
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[22:34] <bchrisman> just wanted to verify the new ceph config format… osd's need to be specified with '.' in their name like 'osd.1'?
[22:34] <bchrisman> we have some scripting which generate configs for our automated testing environment that broke the new format, so I wanted to verify the new format before updating those.
[22:35] <cmccabe1> bchrisman: correct
[22:35] <bchrisman> cmccabe1: cool thanks
[22:35] <cmccabe1> bchrisman: sorry for the breakage, we wanted to get the change done now though, while things were still unstable
[22:36] <bchrisman> cmccabe1: yeah.. now's the time … would suck to try to make that change later on.. :)
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