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[3:13] <mwodrich> I don't suppose there's anyone still in here who can fix the RADOS gateway like yesterday?
[3:14] <mwodrich> it's been acting up all day today again
[3:19] <greglap> mwodrich: do you know what they did to fix it?
[3:46] <mwodrich> let me take a look at my logs from yesterday
[3:47] <mwodrich> assuming I have a log set up...
[3:48] <mwodrich> no log from yesterday...
[3:48] <mwodrich> all I remember was that Sage said something with authorization was broken and he made some sort of temporary fix
[3:49] <greglap> oh, I vaguely recall something about the OSD breaking its auth somehow
[3:49] <mwodrich> yes, I think that's right
[3:49] <greglap> I don't think I can do much with that though, sorry
[3:50] <mwodrich> that's ok, I have to go anyway - I have a train to catch
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[19:03] <pombreda> howdy :) are there any ceph dev hanging @ the linux collaboration summit today?
[19:04] <cmccabe> pombreda: I think sage is there
[19:05] <pombreda> cmccabe: I am haning in the filesystem session this morning
[19:06] <pombreda> sage: if you are around, I would be honored to meet in person :P
[19:06] <cmccabe> pombreda: sage was definitely there yesterday and tuesday (at the FS+VM sessions)
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[19:27] <Tv> gregaf: FYI meeting room is taken
[19:28] <gregaf> argh
[19:29] <gregaf> there's management stuff going on, I'll set up in here
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[19:57] <cmccabe> I seem to have created an undeletable bucket on amazon's servers
[19:57] <cmccabe> does anyone have a client that can handle control characters in object names?
[19:58] <cmccabe> I can rule out /usr/bin/s3 and anything based on libboto...
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[20:04] <pombreda> I am now listening to sage ceph presentation @ the linux collaboration summit :)
[20:09] <gregaf> heh, I didn't even know he was giving one — let us know how it is! :)
[20:15] <mwodrich> maybe try CrossFTP or Cyberduck?
[20:16] <mwodrich> of course we've seen that CrossFTP might have some wires crossed as it were, but you might see if it works
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[20:20] <pombreda> gregaf: he is neato good so far :)
[20:21] <pombreda> gregaf: I saw falshed for a short while a slide with my playground user id on it :D
[20:21] <pombreda> *flashed :P
[20:21] <gregaf> heh
[20:23] <gregaf> if you don't mind my asking, how'd you get an invite to the summit?
[20:28] <bchrisman> gregaf: I know cfuse doesn't support locking… do you know the current/intended behavior when a lock call is made? Should it assert? Silently return true? We saw a fuse crash when an application did that and I'm wondering whether it's worth retesting and finding the crash.
[20:28] <gregaf> no idea
[20:28] <Tv> cmccabe: aws also has it's own webby s3 file explorer, iirc
[20:29] <gregaf> it doesn't have any stubs or anything so whatever behavior it exhibits is provided by fuse
[20:29] <bchrisman> okay.. thx
[20:29] <Tv> bchrisman: sounds like it should return an error (not crash)
[20:29] <Tv> bchrisman: if you know what exact call, i may be able to say more
[20:29] <Tv> like, fcntl etc
[20:29] <pombreda> gregaf: good round of applause on sage ceph presentation @ linux summit :P
[20:30] <wido> a active, non-clean pg's shouldn't block writes, should it?
[20:30] <gregaf> bchrisman: maybe fuse provides local locking through the standard vfs bits and the application was expecting data to exist due that didn't due to network effects?
[20:30] <pombreda> gregaf: good volume of questions from the audience , which I think a *good thing*
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[20:30] <gregaf> yay
[20:30] <bchrisman> I'll chase down the cfuse exit/crash then…
[20:30] <gregaf> someday maybe I will get to do one :(
[20:31] <gregaf> wido: don't think it should, but sjust could say more
[20:32] <wido> Ok, 5 OSD's failed today, I'm sure my crushmap would allow failure of those 5 OSD's, but my FS has started blocking
[20:32] <wido> running with replication = 3, 4 OSD's on the same node failed and another due to a bad disk
[20:32] <sjust> active, non-clean pg should only block writes on objects it hasn't recovered yet
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[20:33] <wido> sjust: What's the easiest way to find that out? I currently have 45 active PG's
[20:33] <wido> pg v239261: 10608 pgs: 45 active, 10563 active+clean; 4944 GB data, 16268 GB used, 48893 GB / 65205 GB avail; 17329/3806706 degraded (0.455%)
[20:33] <wido> Oh, got to run, I'll be back in about 1.5 hours!
[20:33] <sjust> ok
[20:34] <gregaf> bchrisman: on #989 was your copy using posix file locking for some reason?
[20:34] <sjust> wido: actually, those pg's might have unfound objects, I'm not completely sure on the details there
[20:34] <gregaf> just noticed the log output about file_setlock etc and I don't know why a copy would be using that
[20:35] <gregaf> lunchtime, bbl
[20:48] <bchrisman> gregaf: on that one… it should not have been as I was just doing a copy. However, we do have some other daemons which may have been running that might've been using the posix locking there.
[20:48] <bchrisman> gregaf: yeah.. that might have been our other daemons… ok
[20:49] <bchrisman> what I can do is drop those daemons and retry
[20:56] <Tv> whoa libtool broke gitbuilder.. fixing.. somehow.. :-/
[20:57] <Tv> it's trying to relink crap when running clitests
[20:57] <Tv> i wonder how that can happen
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[21:12] <Tv> back to green
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[22:08] <gregaf> bchrisman: I doubt the locking is breaking the rstats, just confused about how it got in there
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[22:19] <wido> sjust: back
[22:20] <wido> my osd 0,1,2,3 and 35 are down, but for example, one of the active PG's is on OSD 38,34,16
[22:20] <wido> that should recover I assume?
[22:30] <wido> my 'osdc' and 'mdsc' are emtpy, so no stalling writes it seems?
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[22:32] <sjust> wido: sorry for the delay
[22:32] <sjust> osdc?
[22:32] <wido> yes, in /sys/kernel/debug/ceph/x
[22:32] <wido> outstanding writes to the OSD's or MDS'es
[22:32] <sjust> ah, ok
[22:33] <wido> a 'rados -p data ls' also continues and exits
[22:33] <wido> same goes for metadata
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[22:37] <sjust> wido: can you try rados -p casdata bench 10 write?
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[22:38] <gregaf> who cares about casdata?
[22:38] <wido> sjust: works, gives me about 80MB/sec
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[22:39] <sjust> wido: but the fs hangs?
[22:39] <wido> I've got a second client where the fs is mounted to, browsing works, but reading a file stalled after 36MB
[22:39] <wido> another file stalled after 32MB
[22:39] <sjust> wido: try checking ceph pg dump for unfound objects
[22:40] <sjust> 4th column of the output
[22:42] <wido> for what I can see now, no unfound objects ( ceph pg dump -o -|grep active|grep -v clean|awk '{print $1" "$4}' )
[22:44] <sjust> have you tried mounting the cluster elsewhere (might be a kernel client problem)
[22:45] <wido> sjust: Yes, I have it mounted on a second client which was idle, that one is stalling too
[22:46] <wido> my rsync on the first one has been stalling now for about 4 hours
[22:46] <wido> and the second one I just tried, didn't do any I/O for the last few days
[22:46] <sjust> sounds like at least one pg is broken
[22:46] <sjust> hmm
[22:48] <wido> 'rados df' tells me the same, no unfound objects, only degraded ones
[22:48] <sjust> can you get me the output of ceph pg dump?
[22:49] <wido> sjust: sure, but I think your key is still loaded, you could log one if that's easier
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[22:49] <sjust> ah, ok
[22:49] <wido> samuelj@slider, that's your key?
[22:49] <sjust> yeah
[22:49] <wido> root@logger.ceph.widodh.nl and from there you can go to 'root@amd' (first client) and 'root@noisy' (second client)
[22:50] <wido> amd is the one where the rsync is stalling in the screen
[22:51] <wido> sjust: logger is part of a second cluster, that one is still running fine, the cluster where 'amd' and 'noisy' are in is broken
[22:51] <sjust> ok
[22:51] <wido> those machines are IPv6 only, so 'logger' is a gateway to get into those machines
[22:51] <sjust> gotcha
[22:52] <wido> logs go to noisy in /var/log/remote/ceph
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[22:58] <sjust> wido: looks like several of the pg's still have missing objects
[22:59] <wido> sjust: that's weird, I have 5 failed OSD's, but the crushmap should prevent that replicas were stored at those OSD's
[23:04] <wido> I'm going afk, I'll take a look at it tomorrow, see what it does when I bring osd 0,1,2,3 back
[23:04] <sjust> ok
[23:05] <wido> tnx for your help!
[23:05] <sjust> sure!
[23:05] <sjust> thanks for the testing!
[23:05] <wido> (but still, it should have recovered ;) )
[23:05] <wido> If it is interesting enough, I could leave it in this state
[23:05] <sjust> seems to be a problem with recovery
[23:06] <wido> ok, we'll see, no rush
[23:06] <wido> ttyl!
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