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[0:00] <cmccabe> later we may consider allowing bucket names not suitable for virtual host style use, if anyone wants that as a feature.
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[0:34] <cmccabe> I just created a bucket named _really_crazy on our amazon account, and I can't seem to delete it :(
[0:34] <Tv> "Must start with a number or letter"
[0:34] <Tv> that you were able to create that was a bug on their part
[0:35] <cmccabe> sigh
[0:36] <cmccabe> it's so confusing because there are some actual requirements, but then there some recommendations
[0:36] <cmccabe> if you violate the recommendations, certain access methods will continue to work and some won't
[0:37] <cmccabe> /usr/bin/s3 just rejects certain bucket names without even talking to the s3 sever
[0:44] <cmccabe> ok, I was able to delete _really_crazy through libboto
[0:44] <cmccabe> just none of the other clients could do it :\
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[1:20] <josef> what is librados-config used for?
[1:22] <cmccabe> josef: librados-config is intended to give information about the configuration of the currently installed librados
[1:23] <josef> cmccabe: soo in the -devel package or the normal package?
[1:23] <cmccabe> josef: similar to /usr/bin/python2.6-config, /usr/bin/xft-config, /usr/bin/curl-config
[1:23] <cmccabe> josef: normal package
[1:23] <josef> ah ok yeah
[1:23] <cmccabe> josef: it should eventually hook into pkg-config
[1:23] <josef> now to figure out what to do with the python bindings
[1:24] <cmccabe> josef: that has been solved in master
[1:24] <cmccabe> josef: they're installed in the python modules directory
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[1:25] <josef> ooh i see the master .spec file is more correct
[1:26] * josef copies that
[1:26] <cmccabe> probably cherry-pick?
[1:29] <josef> yeah
[1:29] <josef> ok that should actually build
[1:30] <josef> thanks cmccabe
[1:32] <cmccabe> np
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[9:07] <toluene> hi ! I'm a beginner in ceph, I wrote a test script to write millions of files with threads. Eventually, the ceph-module gone panic. Additionally, I noticed that the memory usage of my meta server was very high(more than 2G). Could someone give me some idea about this "disaster" ?
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[17:44] <sagewk> +1 on 6788c3c0e3b0f515fc9bcfdc85b53ea2b8f70d1e
[17:47] <cmccabe> it did seem easier to say
[17:49] <Tv> *cough* *cough*
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[18:10] <cmccabe> libradosgw.a(libradosgw_a-rgw_common.o): In function `calc_hmac_sha1(char const*, int, char const*, int, char*, int*)':
[18:10] <cmccabe> /home/cmccabe/src/ceph/src/rgw/rgw_common.cc:37: undefined reference to `CryptoPP::HMAC<CryptoPP::SHA1>::DIGESTSIZE'
[18:10] <cmccabe> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
[18:11] <cmccabe> I forgot, are we still using cryptopp any more?
[18:11] <cmccabe> If not, I think we need to stop referencing it in RGW
[18:11] <Tv> depends on your ./configure invocaton
[18:14] <Tv> that sounds like libradosgw_a_LDFLAGS is missing CRYPTO_LDFLAGS, probably bad since f509c86333b2eb5af69ee3e2eb1b94287e77683a
[18:14] <Tv> hmm cae43fc7d0322499704ea965fd91efe26014a48c
[18:15] <cmccabe> strange
[18:15] <Tv> i saw that error too
[18:16] <Tv> # lib_LTLIBRARIES += libradosgw.a
[18:16] <Tv> wouldn't that be the reason automake doesn't know about it?
[18:16] <cmccabe> it looks like a 2-for-1 deal: the code directly references cryptopp and breaks when other crypto libraries are used, and LDFLAGS is screwed
[18:17] <Tv> from 6a78671c
[18:17] <Tv> cmccabe: you're mistaken about directly referencing, i believe
[18:17] <Tv> it just doesn't get linked against CryptoPP when that's needed
[18:18] <cmccabe> oh, I see we have two classes doing HMACSHA1
[18:18] <cmccabe> thought it was a library thing
[18:18] <Tv> hmm even before 6a78671c the lib_LTLIBRARIES += libradosgw.a was commented out
[18:19] <Tv> d0f58ad8b283cbbefcb41e89746bbc23bc281fb0 is the one commenting it out
[18:19] <Tv> with no reason stated
[18:19] <Tv> undoing those comment-outs sounds like worth a try
[18:20] <cmccabe> I'm not feeling overwhelmed by the quality of this code
[18:20] <cmccabe> we really need to stop putting so much in header files
[18:20] <cmccabe> also the phrase "contaminate with error checking... asserts MUST NOT be compiled out" really raises my hackles
[18:21] <Tv> cmccabe: NSS is a mess
[18:21] <cmccabe> stuff like this is why the designers of Go just decided not to implement assert()
[18:21] <Tv> what those really deserve is an equivalent of kernel BUG_ON, not assert
[18:22] <cmccabe> it starts out as a noble idea but once enough people take shortcuts, it's impossible to turn off asserts
[18:22] <Tv> alternative: redo just about *all* of ceph crypto, and complicate every code path
[18:22] <Tv> just in case somebody runs AES on a smart card
[18:22] <cmccabe> is that really the only case that can fail?
[18:22] <Tv> show me how e.g. SHA-1 can fail on some inputs...
[18:23] <cmccabe> failure to initialize the library properly?
[18:24] <Tv> the initialization happens elsewhere, and is error checked
[18:26] <cmccabe> a lot of this stuff seems like it's allocating memory too
[18:26] <cmccabe> I guess we're not checking that elsewhere though.
[18:26] <cmccabe> truthfully most daemons don't.
[18:27] <Tv> the api looks like it relies on caller-allocated memory for the transformations
[18:27] <Tv> apart from the importing key things etc
[18:27] <Tv> and to fix that is a rewrite of ceph crypto
[18:28] <cmccabe> I think a lot of this nastiness could be avoided if you put initialization into an init() function rather than having it in the constructor
[18:28] <cmccabe> then have the init function return an error code as usual
[18:28] <Tv> doesn't change a thing when the caller is not able to handle a failure anyway
[18:28] <Tv> because cryptopp has no failures in the equivalent api
[18:29] <cmccabe> it's not that hard to check an int, print a nice message if it's not 0, and call ceph_abort
[18:29] <Tv> which is different from the asserts here exactly how?
[18:29] <cmccabe> to me, code is "contaminated" when it doesn't support handling errors the way I want to handle them
[18:29] <cmccabe> when it's hard-wired to abort, exit, or assert rather than tell me what's wrong.
[18:29] <Tv> yes
[18:30] <Tv> and if you think that e.g. a sha1 update call is supposed to be able to fail, then ceph crypto is all wrong
[18:30] <Tv> personally, i don't think sha1 update has any reason to fail
[18:30] <Tv> and i'm not willing to rewrite all of ceph crypto right now merely for NSS
[18:31] <cmccabe> yeah, their choice of where to return errors is a little strange.
[19:07] <josef> sagewk: ok ceph 0.25.1 should show up in rawhide at some point
[19:08] <josef> tomorrow probably
[19:09] <sagewk> josef: yay thanks!
[19:09] <cmccabe> I just created a bucket named "" on s3.amazonaws.com
[19:09] <cmccabe> so apparently the spec... isn't.
[19:10] <josef> sagewk: if you could setup an rss feed for your news stuff on ceph.newdream.net it would help me keep track of when you have new releases
[19:11] <gregaf> josef: separate from the blog rss feed?
[19:11] <cmccabe> now /usr/bin/s3 is refusing to allow me to delete bucket because the name is scary :)
[19:12] <cmccabe> luckily I wrote my own rebellious client that can deal with these forbidden buckets
[19:12] <josef> gregaf: i couldnt find a rss feed for the block
[19:12] <josef> *blog
[19:12] <Tv> cmccabe: it's still better to follow the spec than the implementation, at least until that hits real-world problems.. because they may change the implementation at any time
[19:12] <josef> heh well apparently i was blind yesterday
[19:12] <gregaf> it's at the bottom of the front page :)
[19:13] <josef> yeah i got it this time, thanks :)
[19:13] <gregaf> although I think any modern browser will just give you the rss icon in the address bar :p
[19:13] <josef> chrome doesnt
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[19:13] <gregaf> oh, I forgot that's a Google extension I installed for that
[19:14] <sagewk> cmccabe: that's /usr/bin/s3's problem. presumably it won't create that bucket either.
[19:14] <cmccabe> yes, it won't create that
[19:14] <gregaf> then why do we care about it?
[19:14] <cmccabe> but really it's amazon's problem because the spec forbids, but the impementation allows
[19:14] <sagewk> the linux nfs mantra gets it right i think: fix client bugs in client, server bugs on server.
[19:15] <cmccabe> gregaf: we care because we're trying to be s3-compatible, and the spec and implementation disagree about the meaning of that.
[19:15] <cmccabe> I'm going to just follow the spec for now. We can change our behavior later if customers care
[19:15] <sagewk> yeah that's the way to go i think
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[19:29] <gregaf> bchrisman: around?
[19:30] <bchrisman> here
[19:30] <bchrisman> how goes?
[19:30] <Tv> sagewk: is the for-next ceph-client.git branch a good stable basepoint for development, or should i just use 2.6.38?
[19:30] <bchrisman> gregaf:
[19:30] <gregaf> I was wondering if you have any logs I can get at for that cfuse crash
[19:30] <sagewk> tv: use master
[19:30] <sagewk> the for-next branch is stale
[19:31] <gregaf> the assert on its own isn't very helpful except to say "AUGH BROKEN"
[19:31] <Tv> ok
[19:31] <bchrisman> yeah, that was just the log out of client.
[19:32] <gregaf> did you have any client logging enabled?
[19:32] <bchrisman> was a lot of spam because it takes a while to crash… but if there's non-client logs you need, I can modify debug logging.
[19:32] <bchrisman> hmm… thought I posted that.. lemme look at what I might've goofed up.
[19:32] <gregaf> probably just the client log will do it
[19:32] <gregaf> but all I'm seeing is the backtrace :)
[19:38] <bchrisman> hrm.. that was pulled from the logfile output I received from running cfuse with debug params: 'cfuse --log-file foo --debug-client 20 --debug-ms 1 --debug-objectcacher 20'
[19:38] <bchrisman> I can run again and get you more context...
[19:38] <bchrisman> but the logfile was large and dropped for further testing… so it'll be a little bit.
[19:38] <bchrisman> does logging provide stack trace when it dies?
[19:41] <gregaf> bchrisman: if you could add —debug_objecter 20 that might also be important (not sure yet)
[19:42] <gregaf> the log should include the stack trace when it dies, yes
[19:42] <bchrisman> gregaf: ok.. cool
[19:42] <bchrisman> I'll attach to the bug when it's done
[19:42] <gregaf> all right, thanks
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[21:25] <cmccabe> so I'm trying to get some work done here, but I'm getting blocked by this build issue
[21:25] <cmccabe> with crypto libraries
[21:25] <cmccabe> is anyone else seeing these build errors?
[21:25] <cmccabe> they're not showing up on gitbuilder for some reason
[21:25] <Tv> gitbuilder only does one variant - the cryptopp one
[21:32] <Tv> ..but the compile fail happens with cryptopp...?
[21:32] <cmccabe> it looks like it happens with either
[21:32] <cmccabe> and it looks like I'm going to have to fix this mess
[21:32] <cmccabe> or revert a bunch of recent commits, which I don't think anyone wants
[21:34] <Tv> i'm running a build to see what happens..
[21:34] <Tv> cmccabe: wait what
[21:34] <Tv> i just successfully with --with-nss --without-cryptopp
[21:35] <Tv> cmccabe: make really sure you get the same stuff with a clean build, ./autogen.sh and all
[21:35] <Tv> *successfully built
[21:35] <cmccabe> I just got this error, even with --with-cryptopp
[21:35] <cmccabe> libradosgw.a(libradosgw_a-rgw_common.o): In function `calc_hmac_sha1(char const*, int, char const*, int, char*, int*)':
[21:35] <cmccabe> /home/cmccabe/src/ceph2/src/rgw/rgw_common.cc:37: undefined reference to `CryptoPP::HMAC<CryptoPP::SHA1>::DIGESTSIZE'
[21:35] <cmccabe> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
[21:35] <Tv> and a cryptopp build also worked
[21:36] <Tv> i'm saving work & doing a really clean build, just to make sure, but i don't see and gitbuilder doesn't see it -> local problem just for you?
[21:36] <cmccabe> yes, I am doing make distclean
[21:38] <Tv> duhh i'm missing --with-radosgw, rerunning
[21:38] <cmccabe> is gitbuilder also missing --with-radosgw?
[21:38] <Tv> nope
[21:39] <cmccabe> remind me again if cryptopp and crypto++ are the same library
[21:39] <cmccabe> they are ,right?
[21:39] <Tv> yeah
[21:39] <Tv> + is too magic to put in many places
[21:39] <Tv> like, identifiers ;)
[21:39] <cmccabe> boneheaded name in my opinion
[21:40] <Tv> beats NSS
[21:41] <Tv> 12d3038d81a593949b8b21505dea23c1df38e1c3 clean tree (git clean -fdx = really clean), ./autogen.sh && ./configure --with-radosgw --with-cryptopp --without-nss --with-debug && make-fast && make-fast check
[21:41] <Tv> worked perfectly
[21:41] <Tv> and i even cleared ccache before it
[21:43] <cmccabe> it looks like LDFLAGS is still commented out in master
[21:44] <Tv> yes but that doesn't cause a build failure
[21:44] <cmccabe> .... for you
[21:44] <Tv> for anyone but you ;)
[21:44] <Tv> now what's the difference?
[21:44] <cmccabe> sorry if I'm a little bit snippy, it's just that this is frustrating
[21:44] <Tv> do you have local changes?
[21:44] <cmccabe> no
[21:44] <Tv> did you really clean everything? did you autogen?
[21:44] <cmccabe> yes
[21:45] <Tv> git rev-parse HEAD
[21:45] <cmccabe> I'm not an idiot. I know how to do make distclean and I do it a lot
[21:45] <cmccabe> in these situations
[21:45] <gregaf> do you have different packages than we do?
[21:45] <cmccabe> I'm going to just hope that it's ldflags. We'll know in a minute or two.
[21:45] <Tv> cmccabe: but putting those back makes it give warnings for everyone else
[21:45] <Tv> no rash commits please
[21:46] <cmccabe> frankly I don't understand how it's working for anyone
[21:46] <gregaf> what happened with the ldflags?
[21:46] <cmccabe> the ldflags needs to include the libraries that the library is using right?
[21:46] <Tv> Tv: hmm even before 6a78671c the lib_LTLIBRARIES += libradosgw.a was commented out
[21:46] <Tv> Tv: d0f58ad8b283cbbefcb41e89746bbc23bc281fb0 is the one commenting it out
[21:46] <Tv> Tv: with no reason stated
[21:46] <Tv> Tv: undoing those comment-outs sounds like worth a try
[21:46] <cmccabe> AM_LDFLAGS doesn't have anything crypto-related in it
[21:46] <cmccabe> I have no idea how the build is working for you
[21:47] <cmccabe> building radosgw, which uses crypto, with those ldflags.
[21:47] <Tv> err i think i mispasted the commits
[21:47] <cmccabe> maybe it got dragged in by libcommon
[21:47] <Tv> there's one from sage that commits them out and quotes the automake warning that is thus avoded
[21:48] <cmccabe> looks like libcommon_a_CFLAGS has CRYPTO_CFLAGS in it. And libcommon now has crypto stuff...
[21:48] <Tv> cae43fc7
[21:48] <Tv> src/Makefile.am:299: variable `libradosgw_a_LDFLAGS' is defined but no program or
[21:48] <Tv> src/Makefile.am:299: library has `libradosgw_a' as canonic name (possible typo)
[21:48] <cmccabe> how is THAT working, without crypto in the libcommon LDFLAGS
[21:49] <gregaf> Tv: so that's just an issue with the libradosgw flags
[21:49] <gregaf> won't impact anything else
[21:49] <cmccabe> I still can't build, even after putting back in the radosgw LDFLAGS
[21:50] <gregaf> probably they should be defined based on whether we're building libradosgw (didn't know we even had a library for that...)
[21:50] <Tv> gregaf: according to automake, we don't have libradoswg.a
[21:50] <Tv> that's why it was commented out
[21:50] <gregaf> well that would explain why we shouldn't be defining bits for it, then
[21:50] <cmccabe> ok... think. Must not get enraged by automake waving this red flag in front of me.
[21:50] <gregaf> heh
[21:50] <cmccabe> I guess using ldd on things is a start
[21:51] <Tv> cmccabe: are you building on flab?
[21:51] <cmccabe> metropolis
[21:51] <Tv> cmccabe: what's different about that box vs what everyone else has
[21:51] <gregaf> wait, so Colin's build failure is for a libradosgw that according to the makefile shouldn't exist?
[21:51] <Tv> gregaf: no
[21:52] <cmccabe> gregaf: uh, do a grep, and you'll find that it does exist
[21:52] <Tv> gregaf: the reason that LDFLAGS line is commented out is to shut up automake; and it's not gonna help because it's apparently the target is not used by automake
[21:52] <cmccabe> what is with lib_LTLIBRARIES
[21:53] <Tv> # lib_LTLIBRARIES += libradosgw.a
[21:53] <Tv> that'd probably be why
[21:53] <Tv> from 6a78671c
[21:53] <gregaf> okay, libradosgw only exists because we have both a radosgw and a radosgw_admin binary
[21:53] <gregaf> but it shouldn't be used for anything else
[21:54] <Tv> which didn't actually introduce the commented-out line, just edited it
[21:54] <Tv> d0f58ad8b2 is what commented it out
[21:54] <Tv> with no real explanation
[21:54] <cmccabe> it looks like lib_LTLIBRARIES is a list of libraries that gets installed by make install?
[21:55] <Tv> but yes, libradosgw is not a library that we'd provide for 3rd parties to use
[21:55] <Tv> it's only internal for the benefit of those two binaries
[21:55] <cmccabe> "Automake uses libtool to build libraries declared with the LTLIBRARIES primary."
[21:55] <Tv> hence, the LDFLAGS belong to those binaries
[21:56] <Tv> /bin/bash ../libtool --tag=CXX --mode=link ccache distcc g++-4.4 -Wall -D__CEPH__ -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE -rdynamic -Wnon-virtual-dtor -g -O2 -Wl,--as-needed -latomic_ops -o radosgw_admin radosgw_admin-rgw_admin.o libradosgw.a librados.a libcrush.a -lfcgi -lexpat -lpthread -lm -lcrypto++
[21:56] <Tv> definitely getting crypto++ linked in
[21:57] <cmccabe> tv: do you have a line like this one?
[21:57] <cmccabe> libtool: link: g++ -Wall -D__CEPH__ -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE -rdynamic -Wnon-virtual-dtor - g -Wall -Wvolatile-register-var -Wno-unused-parameter -Wl,--as-needed -o radosgw radosgw-rgw_main.o -latomic_ops libradosgw.a librados.a libcrush.a /usr/lib/libfcgi.so /usr/lib/libexpat.so -lpthread -lm /usr/lib/libcurl.so - lcrypto++
[21:58] <Tv> radosgw_admin_LDADD = libradosgw.a librados.a libcrush.a -lfcgi -lexpat -lpthread -lm $(CRYPTO_LIBS) $(EXTRALIBS)
[21:58] <Tv> but no LDFLAGS
[21:59] <cmccabe> ok, I have a failing command
[21:59] <cmccabe> cmccabe@metropolis:~/src/ceph2/src$ g++ -Wall -D__CEPH__ -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE -rdynamic -Wnon-virtual-dtor -g -Wall -Wvolatile-register-var -Wno-unused-parameter -Wl,--as-needed -o radosgw radosgw-rgw_main.o -latomic_ops libradosgw.a librados.a libcrush.a /usr/lib/libfcgi.so /usr/lib/libexpat.so -lpthread -lm /usr/lib/libcurl.so -lcrypto++
[21:59] <cmccabe> libradosgw.a(libradosgw_a-rgw_common.o): In function `calc_hmac_sha1(char const*, int, char const*, int, char*, int*)':
[21:59] <cmccabe> /home/cmccabe/src/ceph2/src/rgw/rgw_common.cc:37: undefined reference to `CryptoPP::HMAC<CryptoPP::SHA1>::DIGESTSIZE'
[21:59] <cmccabe> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
[21:59] <Tv> if i rm src/radosgw and make, i get the line i pasted above
[22:00] <Tv> well, then libtool outputs what you're pasting
[22:00] <Tv> libtool: link: ccache distcc g++-4.4 -Wall -D__CEPH__ -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE -rdynamic -Wnon-virtual-dtor -g -O2 -Wl,--as-needed -o radosgw radosgw-rgw_main.o -latomic_ops libradosgw.a librados.a libcrush.a /usr/lib/libfcgi.so /usr/lib/libexpat.so -lpthread -lm /usr/lib/libcurl.so -lcrypto++
[22:00] <Tv> works perfectly
[22:00] <Tv> what version of cryptopp do you have, etc?
[22:00] <Tv> you don't have -O2
[22:00] <cmccabe> /usr/lib/libcrypto++.so.8.0.0
[22:01] <cmccabe> you?
[22:01] <Tv> same soname
[22:01] <Tv> try with -O2
[22:01] <cmccabe> I wouldn't expect any differences; we're using the same distro
[22:01] <cmccabe> -O2 doesn't change the result
[22:01] <cmccabe> as expected
[22:01] <Tv> and your line works for me
[22:02] <Tv> here's a question
[22:02] <gregaf> are you using ccache?
[22:02] <gregaf> maybe it got confused
[22:02] <Tv> why do your command line args look different?
[22:02] <gregaf> he turned on the debugging extras presumably
[22:02] <Tv> you have -Wall -Wvolatile-register-var -Wno-unused-parameter where i have -O2
[22:03] <cmccabe> I used do_autogen,sh -d 2
[22:03] <cmccabe> to get some extra warnings
[22:03] <gregaf> cmccabe: are you using ccache, and did you clear its caches?
[22:03] <cmccabe> I did an nm on libradosgw_a-rgw_common.o, and got
[22:03] <cmccabe> U CryptoPP::HMAC<CryptoPP::SHA1>::DIGESTSIZE
[22:03] <cmccabe> I'm not using ccache
[22:03] <Tv> uhh my autogen.sh doesn't seem to use any arguments
[22:04] <cmccabe> tv: talking about do_autogen.sh, not autogen.sh
[22:04] <Tv> oh right duh
[22:04] <Tv> cmccabe: try doing that, then
[22:04] <gregaf> cmccabe: so you're not using makefast or whatever Tv's script is?
[22:04] <Tv> err
[22:04] <Tv> cmccabe: try *not* doing that, then
[22:04] <cmccabe> I didn't realize tv had a script
[22:05] <gregaf> okay, I just thought I was the only one not using it anymore
[22:05] <cmccabe> I was hoping to encourage people to use do_autogen so we'd all see the same compiler warnings
[22:06] <Tv> cmccabe: yes but for the sake of identifying the problem, eliminate differences
[22:06] <cmccabe> tv: what are your configure settings
[22:06] <Tv> i pasted them a while ago
[22:07] <cmccabe> what kind of target is make-fast?
[22:07] <Tv> read "Subject: Ceph internal tools repo; distcc to be SSH only"
[22:08] <Tv> but that shouldn't affect this issue
[22:08] <Tv> gitbuilder doesn't use make-fast
[22:08] <cmccabe> so it looks like it's just a distcc wrapper
[22:08] <gregaf> and ccache, which is the only reason I thought it might be relevant
[22:09] <Tv> well colin might still have ccache setup
[22:09] <cmccabe> gregaf: it might be, but gitbuilder isn't seeing the issue and it doesn't use ccache.
[22:09] <cmccabe> I do not, and never have, set up ccache. I just use a really high value for -j
[22:09] * Yoric (~David@dau94-10-88-189-211-192.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #ceph
[22:09] <gregaf> cmccabe: my expectation was that it would have been a confused or corrupted ccache, not a real problem ;)
[22:09] <gregaf> which would explain why you're seeing it and nobody else is
[22:10] <Tv> cmccabe: do a build with more plain configure flags
[22:10] <cmccabe> I am building it now with your configure flags.
[22:10] <Tv> the joy of c++
[22:10] <Tv> swordfight anyone?
[22:10] <cmccabe> I really doubt optimization flags will affect this, but I'm willing to try
[22:11] <gregaf> Tv: I'll need a rolly chair first
[22:11] <gregaf> mine has too big a back
[22:12] <cmccabe> the compile time isn't usually such a big deal because I usually have something else to think about
[22:12] <cmccabe> but in this case, I really have no idea what is going on here
[22:12] <cmccabe> we're clearly passing the -lcrypto++ on the command line.
[22:13] <cmccabe> ok, that did work.
[22:13] <Tv> *sigh*
[22:13] <cmccabe> one key difference I see is that you used --without-nss
[22:13] <Tv> habit from going in between those two a lot
[22:13] <Tv> grep USE_ src/acconfig.h
[22:14] <Tv> that's what matters
[22:14] <Tv> the logic prefers cryptopp over nss anyway
[22:15] <cmccabe> can we please standardize on one script to run autogen and configure?
[22:15] <cmccabe> I don't care whose it is, I just want to be able to reproduce the build that gitbuilder is doing with a single command
[22:15] <Tv> our users won't
[22:17] <cmccabe> I just feel frustrated that it isn't possible for me to reproduce the gitbuilder build without asking for the secret command line
[22:17] <cmccabe> it has nothing to do with users per se, although being able to tell them "try running script foo" would probably be an improvement
[22:17] <Tv> echo --START-IGNORE-WARNINGS
[22:17] <Tv> [ ! -x autogen.sh ] || ./autogen.sh || exit 1
[22:17] <Tv> autoconf || true
[22:17] <Tv> echo --STOP-IGNORE-WARNINGS
[22:17] <Tv> [ ! -x configure ] || ./configure --with-debug --with-radosgw --with-fuse --with-tcmalloc --with-libatomic-ops --with-gtk2 || exit 2
[22:17] <Tv> etc
[22:18] <cmccabe> is there a reason we can't just replace the call to autoconf and configure with a script?
[22:18] <cmccabe> specifically, do you have an argument for why not?
[22:18] <Tv> Tv: echo --START-IGNORE-WARNINGS ?
[22:19] <cmccabe> what about
[22:19] <Tv> that's gitbuilder internals
[22:19] <cmccabe> surely gitbuilder isn't hardwired to run autogen and configure
[22:20] <Tv> there's a gitbuilder-specific item between the autoconf and configure lines
[22:20] <Tv> so to have it be like that, we can't wrap all that in a single shell script nicely
[22:21] <cmccabe> so we just echo that silly phrase in do_autogen.sh
[22:39] * allsystemsarego (~allsystem@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:58] <cmccabe> I can't understand this at all.
[22:58] <cmccabe> I have no problem running this:
[22:58] <cmccabe> make distclean && CFLAGS="-g -Wall -Wvolatile-register-var -Wno-unused-parameter" CXXFLAGS=$CFLAGS ./autogen.sh ; ./configure --prefix=/usr --sbindir=/sbin --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc --with-gtk2=yes --with-debug --with-cryptopp ; make -j 8
[22:58] <cmccabe> but running do_autogen, which seems to do exactly the same thing, leads to that libtool error later
[23:05] <cmccabe> it seems impossible to get a repeatable build. I almost feel like giving up.
[23:19] * MK_FG (~MK_FG@ Quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
[23:22] <bchrisman> ahh the glories of mds in userspace… we had a locking problem.. turned on full mds debug… and after a few minutes of looking at log file "wait! What's the pid doing jumping in to lock that file!" problem solved… :)
[23:24] * Yoric (~David@dau94-10-88-189-211-192.fbx.proxad.net) Quit (Quit: Yoric)
[23:33] <cmccabe> finally fixed the build problem.
[23:41] <cmccabe> It turns out that static constants are not quite the same thing as preprocessor defines
[23:42] <cmccabe> there were some language extensions to C++ that let you sometimes use them interchangeably, but in general, you need a macro to declare things that must be known at build time
[23:43] <cmccabe> for some reason, in my build, it decided not to inline DIGESTSIZE from the library, and that caused problems.

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