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[1:58] * Tv notes 7-machine autotest runs are starting to bring out its constant overheads..
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[16:51] <johnl> hi all
[17:03] <wido> hi johnl
[17:17] <wido> sagewk: Looks like some PG's are blocking on my cluster. "8240 pgs: 8176 active+clean, 64 active+scrubbing+repair"
[17:17] <wido> I tried to find out what a "repair" would do, but that is blocking now for about 6 hours
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[19:13] <Tv> how do i use cauthtool to manipulate caps of a specific key in the keyring? it touches client.admin by default..
[19:13] <greglap> there's some option to specify the user
[19:13] <greglap> same option as when you're creating a new user, I think
[19:13] <Tv> const char *name = g_conf.name;
[19:14] <Tv> i don't see that being overwritten, except for --gen-key etc
[19:14] <greglap> no, I don't think it's that one — there's a user name or user id or something (distinct from auid)
[19:14] <Tv> that gets shuffled into EntityName ename, and really looks like the thing that matters
[19:15] <Tv> e.g. keyring.add(ename, eauth);
[19:15] <Tv> keyring.set_caps(ename, caps);
[19:16] <Tv> i don't see where argv is used to set that though, even for --gen-key
[19:16] <greglap> I thought the man page for cauthtool actually had this kind of documentation
[19:16] <greglap> did you check that?
[19:16] <Tv> haha
[19:16] <Tv> greglap: good one!
[19:17] <greglap> hmm, okay
[19:17] <Tv> greglap: in case you haven't noticed, ceph usage strings and man pages are mostly unrelated to reality, when you go outside the few options that are documented
[19:17] <greglap> I just thought I remembered documenting this at some point :)
[19:17] <greglap> I do see this though:
[19:17] <Tv> oh wow it's usage summary says --nanme
[19:17] <Tv> --name
[19:18] <Tv> so cauthtool itself is out of sync with that
[19:18] <greglap> "To associate some capabilities with the key (namely, the ability to mount a Ceph filesystem):"
[19:18] <greglap> "cauthtool -n client.foo —cap mds 'allow' —cap osd 'allow rw pool=data' —cap mon 'allow r' keyring
[19:19] <Tv> yeah cauthtool itself not having that threw me ofdf
[19:19] <Tv> have i mentioned i hate common_init and non-explicit shared argv parsing?
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[19:19] <greglap> so I guess it is just the name after all
[19:19] <Tv> yeah seems so
[19:20] <Tv> funny thing also, if you use --caps on a key that doesn't exist, you get this: key = AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
[19:20] <Tv> not very helpful ;)
[19:20] <greglap> is that the computer shrieking in pain?
[19:25] <wido> I know that seeing "connect claims to be", "wrong node!" is not that bad, but my OSD's keep logging those messages, is that normal?
[19:25] <wido> they log if every 30 seconds
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[19:39] <cmccabe> the last 5 minutes of that meeting sounded autotuned
[19:42] <Tv> more like the autotune equivalent of beatboxing
[19:44] <Tv> sagewk: but yeah, fyi your upstream bandwidth was not enough to handle sending video at all, and even voice was droppng
[19:44] <greglap> it was doing okay for the first half — low fps but stable
[19:44] <Tv> yeah
[19:45] <Tv> the first half kinda auto-disabled video in favor of audio
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[19:49] <Tv> so.. i have "ceph auth add" hanging, and 3 cmons all eating ~20% cpu
[19:49] <Tv> strace claims they all sit in a futex() call, but i do believe that is a lie
[19:49] <Tv> (due to threads)
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[19:51] <Tv> hmm ceph health hangs too
[19:51] <cmccabe> turn on messenger debug?
[19:51] <Tv> i see action on the tcp port
[19:54] <Tv> 2011-02-23 10:54:01.914909 7f780a8b4700 mon.0@0(starting) e1 ms_verify_authorizer cephx enabled, but no authorizer (required for mon)
[19:54] <Tv> i screwed up the keys, it seems
[19:55] <Tv> ooh the mons hate each other, it seems
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[20:11] <Tv> at what time does fsid get assigned?
[20:12] <Tv> ah in monmap, not in osdmap
[20:12] <Tv> i was confused by seeing all 0's in osdmaptool output
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[20:37] <Tv> woo 7-node autotest worked!
[20:37] <Tv> it knows how to build an arbitrary cluster, just list the what roles go on each host and it'll set it up
[20:38] <sjust> :)
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[21:28] <wido> sagewk: Did you get the chance to look at the stalling recovery? To me it seems a couple of PG's are blocking
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[23:58] <Tv> OPTION(client_mountpoint, 'r', OPT_STR, "/"),
[23:58] <Tv> oh that's bullshit

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