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[0:56] <Tv> who wants to guinea pig autotest? http://ceph.newdream.net/git/?p=ceph-autotests.git;a=blob;f=README.rst;h=e2cfb912baa20d3dc3a6f9b51af123785bf9c336;hb=HEAD
[0:56] <Tv> (the diagram is webby at http://ceph.newdream.net/git/?p=ceph-autotests.git;a=blob_plain;f=overview.png;hb=HEAD )
[1:00] <Tv> your autotest user/pass: sage eHoocooleeve0Oh
[1:00] <cmccabe1> tv: reading...
[1:00] <Tv> err
[1:00] <Tv> wrong person ;)
[1:00] <Tv> hell, wrong window totally
[1:00] <Tv> and it's changed already ;)
[1:02] <cmccabe1> tv: um, ok. let me know when it is indeed ready then
[1:02] <Tv> no no just the password was miswindowed
[1:02] <cmccabe1> heh
[1:04] <DeHackEd> slightly off-topic: where would be a good place to report problems with btrfs specifically?
[1:04] <cmccabe1> DeHackEd: I think btrfs mailing list, or btrfs IRC
[1:05] <cmccabe1> DeHackEd: I know it's a little daunting sometimes because it's hard to be sure if you've got a btrfs or ceph problem sometimes. But btrfs problems do come up!
[1:05] <Tv> ohhh everyone, the control tarball serving thing isn't up yet
[1:05] <Tv> the http://ceph.dreamhost.com:8116/ url
[1:06] <Tv> i suck
[1:06] <DeHackEd> I know it's a btrfs problem though. This machine isn't running ceph (yet). But I broke it so hard btrfsck crashes
[1:06] <cmccabe1> k
[1:14] <Tv> holy moly ceph.newdream.net runs python2.4
[1:14] <sagewk> etch
[1:15] <Tv> i just hope this stuff will hobble along somehow, on something that old
[1:16] <Tv> it's only 6+ years old.. clearly it's enterprise software ;)
[1:18] <Tv> crap
[1:19] <cmccabe1> tv: sometimes there's a new py you can install explicitly
[1:20] <Tv> yeah, all the way up to 2.5..
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[1:31] <Tv> victory!
[1:33] <Tv> well, the trench warfare is still going
[1:33] <Tv> but the enemy has heavy casualties
[1:38] <Tv> it works: http://ceph.newdream.net:8116/tarball/master/cfuse_simple.tar.bz2
[2:04] <gregaf> "required file `./py-compile' not found"
[2:04] <gregaf> whose is that?
[2:04] <Tv> my money's on cmccabe
[2:05] <gregaf> couldn't remember if it was you or him throwing python bits in
[2:05] <Tv> gregaf: try autogen'ing
[2:05] <cmccabe1> tv: you need to do another autogen
[2:05] <cmccabe1> tv: sadly automake is not smart enough to figure that one out
[2:06] <Tv> s/ enough.*//
[2:06] <cmccabe1> tv: heh. Yeah, automake's the pits.
[2:06] <cmccabe1> tv: it does sometimes detect that it needs a new ./configure
[2:06] <gregaf> huh, I thought eclipse was auto-genning when that stuff changed
[2:06] <gregaf> weird
[2:06] <cmccabe1> tv: somewhere deep in the bowels of M4
[2:07] <Tv> waah shell pipes eating mah exit statuses
[2:08] <cmccabe1> bash has the PIPESTATUS variable
[2:08] <cmccabe1> it's kind of evil though, like most bash extensions
[2:08] <Tv> very
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[12:20] <DLange> in
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[22:48] <sage> finally! http://ceph.newdream.net/gitbuilder/#origin/master
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