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[9:49] <wido> jantje_: Are you there?
[9:50] <wido> I'm trying to get my journals running on a tmpfs (/var/run), but I keep getting "unable to open journal /var/run/ceph/osd0-journal: error 22: Invalid argument"
[9:50] <wido> journal size is specified and OSD has write permission in the directories
[9:50] <wido> from a strace: open("/var/run/ceph/osd0-journal", O_RDWR|O_CREAT|O_SYNC|O_DIRECT, 0644) = -1 EINVAL (Invalid argument)
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[11:06] <wido> Well, after some searching I found you have to place 'journal dio = false' in your ceph.conf (I've put it in the OSD section)
[11:06] <wido> Just writing it down here so it gets in the IRC logs
[11:06] <wido> If you want your OSD journal on tmpfs, use journal dio = false
[11:06] <wido> Found it in: http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/336
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[17:36] <sage> wido: can you include the commit id for the kernel you're running, and a copy/paste of the warnings you just saw for that bug?
[17:42] <wido> sage: you mean the kernel I was running yesterday?
[17:43] <wido> the commit id of my current kernel is in the update from today
[17:43] <wido> seems to be two different issues?
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[17:56] <wido> greglap: It was my SSD causing the slowdown
[17:56] <wido> placed the journals on tmpfs and everything went fine
[17:56] <greglap> wido: this was with the rsync?
[17:56] <wido> yes
[17:56] <greglap> it started okay and then crapped out after a few minutes?
[17:56] <wido> 196k files, 74GB of data
[17:57] <wido> no, the SSD was too slow it seems, couldn't keep up, load of the machine went up and up
[17:57] <greglap> ah, right
[17:57] <wido> with the OSD journal on tmpfs the load stayed somewhere around 2 and rsync finished succesfully after a few hours
[17:58] <greglap> do you have any points of comparison for rsyncing it on not-ceph?
[17:58] <wido> No, but that's something i'll test.
[17:59] <wido> Now I know what my bottleneck was, I can do such a test
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[17:59] <greglap> it's nothing urgent, I just don't have enough points of comparison myself to know if "a few hours" is slow or not :)
[17:59] <wido> I'm not sure either, since it were a lot of small files, which always cause a lot of overhead
[17:59] <greglap> I thought maybe if they were backups that you rsynced them around to other servers too :D
[18:00] <wido> It are backups I got from my backup server :)
[18:00] <wido> I'm afk for dinner
[18:00] <greglap> k
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[20:52] <wido> gregorg_taf: you still there?
[20:58] <gregaf> wido: oh, somebody knows who that is? I haven't seen him talk
[20:58] <gregaf> (he's not me, but I'm heading out for lunch now, be back in 30 or so)
[21:00] <wido> gregaf: ok :P
[21:00] <wido> I was looking for you, see you in 30
[21:21] <wido> gregaf: I'm going afk, just wanted to let you know that I'll give the rsync a benchmark this night
[21:21] <wido> removing the 196k files (74GB) right now, but that rm is already running for 1.5 hours
[21:21] <wido> i'll post my rsync times in your issue
[21:21] <wido> ttyl!
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[21:48] <gregaf> wido: thanks!
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