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[1:27] <DJLee> hey Sage, Yehuda et al,
[1:27] <DJLee> regarding the bug track http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/479
[1:27] <DJLee> please ignore it for now, I think I kinda got it,
[1:29] <DJLee> I think you get the hang when you mount ceph on the same PC that's running the ceph system.
[1:30] <DJLee> something to do with network/local issues
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[2:09] <bchrisman> my btrfs apparently doesn't support the user_xattr flag: btrfs: unrecognized mount option 'user_xattr'
[2:11] <DeHackEd> that's needed for ext3/4, maybe btrfs doesn't actually need it?
[2:11] <bchrisman> ahh
[2:11] <DeHackEd> man page is a bit vague
[2:11] <bchrisman> noticed it referenced on the ceph wiki
[2:12] <DeHackEd> and the man page says "Some file systems, such as ext2/3 and reiserfs, require...." implying maybe it's not a total necessity
[2:13] <cmccabe1> bchrisman: btrfs has user xattrs on by default. You don't need user_xattr
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[2:14] <bchrisman> tx
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[2:31] <bchrisman> this is not quite clear to me… can you create a cephfs filesystem with mkcephfs *before* you startup the mon/mds/osd daemons? Looks like you can...?
[2:31] <DJLee> I think that's the step
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[19:58] <sagewk> bchrisman: the ~rc in the version will go away in the actual release
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[20:15] <bchrisman> sure.. yeah
[20:31] <bchrisman> I put those packaging issues into the bug tracker… trivial or otherwise they were the only issues which stop it from building packages cleanly on rhel6b
[20:31] <bchrisman> as I mentioned, I got a cephfs running last night… looks pretty sweet…
[20:34] <sagewk> did you have a problem with cryptopp-devel? is that in rhel6?
[20:34] <bchrisman> it's not in rhel6, but it is in rpmforge (I didn't check epel for rhel6beta.. just noticed that later)
[20:34] <bchrisman> I had no problems with it.
[20:34] <sagewk> k
[20:35] <bchrisman> I presume that's used for building keys as well?
[20:35] <bchrisman> It looks like I used all that functionality and it works.
[20:35] <sagewk> yeah for aes and some hmac stuff?
[20:35] <sagewk> excellent :)
[20:37] <bchrisman> overall, impressive rig… I had a n00b-moment there with the iptables issue.. wondering if there's a good way to detect that and issue a message "check yer iptables"… I should've guessed immediately from the connection failure of the mons reported in /var/log/messages… but I imagine a lot of users could get trapped by that.
[20:38] <bchrisman> (particularly the ones who haven't been bitten in the butt by iptables and selinux to know to shut all that stuff off until you've got everything running)
[20:43] <cmccabe> bchrisman: it's hard to detect that an error is caused by selinux, because you just get EPERM
[20:45] <bchrisman> yeah… iptables is probably a bit easier to detect.
[20:46] <cmccabe> bchrisman: you can detect that iptables is on I guess. Although the problem could also be the iptables setup on another node.
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[20:47] <cmccabe> bchrisman: at the minimum, we could put a suggestion on the wiki to disable that stuff until everything else is working
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[20:54] <bchrisman> cmccabe: something in the mon log about failing to connect to other monitors? it shows up in /var/log/messages as test10 kernel: libceph: mon0 connection failed
[20:55] <bchrisman> cmccabe: which is a kernel message… so that's being reported by the ceph kernel module client
[20:56] <bchrisman> cmccabe: this is the message in mon log: -- >> pipe(0x1f6cb40 sd=6 pgs=0 cs=0 l=0).fault first fault
[20:57] <bchrisman> cmccabe: basically where it normally outputs, pipe.accept connect_seq.. the alternative is 'fault first fault' in the case of failing to connect (or hanging and waiting for connection to go through?)
[21:03] <cmccabe> bchrisman: fault first fault is something that I see a lot when there is a connectivity problem
[21:16] <bchrisman> cmccabe: that message would be a good place to warn about iptables.
[21:16] <bchrisman> ?
[21:16] <bchrisman> or does that happen too often during say.. outages?
[21:17] <cmccabe> bchrisman: gregaf knows the messenger better than I do-- he might have an opinion on this
[21:17] <cmccabe> bchrisman: the problem with changing the fault message is that it occurs for a lot of reasons, most of which don't have anything to do with iptables
[21:18] <bchrisman> yeah
[21:18] <cmccabe> on the other hand, I don't really have a better idea this time... :\
[21:19] <cmccabe> I guess potentially if we fail to pass the first traffic that we try to send, we could issue a different message than usual
[21:20] <cmccabe> actually, this might be better to handle at the distribution level. Doesn't red hat have some way that installing packages can modify the firewall?
[21:22] <bchrisman> will check into that
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