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[0:02] <fract> hows ceph coming along these days? :)
[0:06] <sagewk> fract: keeping us busy!
[0:07] <fract> ;)
[0:55] <jantje_> to say the least :P
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[9:56] <wido> hi
[9:56] <wido> anyone here tried to build the latest unstable?
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[10:44] <wido> Never mind, see: http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/536
[10:54] <jantje_> hi wido
[10:55] <wido> hi
[10:55] <wido> jantje_: are you using Debian/Ubuntu?
[10:56] <wido> I'm seeing a lot of issues with building the .debs today, not sure if it is my system or the repo
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[11:53] <jantje_> wido: yes, but i'm not using ceph debian packages any more
[11:54] <jantje_> (or building packages for my system)
[11:54] <jantje_> I just run the binaries from src/*
[11:54] <wido> ah, ok
[11:54] <wido> I have to much machines for that
[11:54] <jantje_> (especially init-ceph)
[11:55] <jantje_> lunch time
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[13:08] * jantje_ thinks it would be cool to be able to use CEPH as an nfsroot
[13:09] <jantje_> (well, not exactlu nfsroot, but you'll get the idea)
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[18:12] <wido> yehudasa: you there?
[18:12] <wido> I have some thougths on the rbd/libvirt integration
[18:13] <wido> I've looked into this a few months ago and found out that libvirt has two functions
[18:14] <wido> first there are "storage pools", you can find those in src/storage, for example storage_backend_logical.c|h
[18:14] <wido> this is only a wrapper around LVM for managing VG's and LV's, but not for connecting LVM to a VM
[18:15] <wido> for now, libvirt assumes that every device is a file/block device, the virtual devices like NBD and RBD are not supported
[18:16] <wido> Implementing RBD support means two things, one would be a XML scheme for RBD disks
[18:16] <wido> and one for a RBD storage pool, this would give you the ability to manage RBD images via libvirt
[18:20] <yehudasa_hm> wido: I'm here now
[18:20] <sagewk> wido: do you want to follow up on that thread with your thoughts?
[18:20] <sagewk> i'm personally not very familiar with libvirt.. i just want to get some idea which direction we should be going, and hopefully find someone interested in working on it
[18:21] <sagewk> if nobody steps up, i can try to find someone around here to tackle it.
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[18:23] <wido> yehudasa_hm: I thought you were the libvirt "guy", but i'll post my thoughts on the ml
[18:23] <yehudasa_hm> yeah, the best place to discuss this would be on that thread.. should be visible to other people around here that know better about libvirt
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[19:24] <yehudasa_hm> sagewk: notify/watch wouldn't really work with renaming/removing of objects
[19:24] <sagewk> hmm
[19:25] <sagewk> yeah. is that problematic?
[19:25] <yehudasa_hm> can cause wierd issues I guess
[19:26] <yehudasa_hm> not the highest priority, but maybe we can add a notify message that will tell about an intention to remove/rename
[19:27] <yehudasa_hm> so watching clients will be able to agree/disagree about the upcoming operation
[19:30] <yehudasa_hm> btw, we can implement locking in a similar way
[19:31] <yehudasa_hm> and even have it so that we can enforce it on the osd
[19:44] <wido> where should "osd pool default size" be declared? In the osd section?
[19:44] <wido> I've set: osd pool default size = 3 in [osd], but new pools still get size = 2
[19:45] <wido> This config option has been there for a few weeks now, so the daemons have started with this config option
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[20:02] <wido> Seems "we" are not the only one with this issue: http://www.redhat.com/archives/libvir-list/2010-October/msg01247.html
[20:03] <cmccabe> hmm
[20:25] <gregaf> wido: new pools get defined in the monitor
[20:25] <gregaf> it needs to be visible to the monitors, so define osd pool default size in either the global or mon section
[20:28] <wido> gregaf: tnx!
[20:28] <gregaf> yep :)
[20:31] <wido> "osd pool" confused me a bit
[20:32] <wido> "mon clock ..." is defined in the [mon] section
[20:32] <wido> "osd recovery .." in the [osd] section, so shouldn't "osd pool default size" be renamed to "mon pool default size" ?
[20:32] <gregaf> yeah, most of them go in their section, we may consider renaming
[20:43] <wido> Did my e-mail get through on the ml?
[20:43] <wido> About libvirt/RBD
[20:43] <yehudasa_hm> wido: when did you send it?
[20:44] <yehudasa_hm> note that it needs to be plain text
[20:44] <wido> yehudasa_hm: sent it about an hour ago, and yes, it was plain-text
[20:46] <yehudasa_hm> never got anything
[20:47] <wido> ok, resend it
[20:48] <yehudasa_hm> got it now
[20:50] <wido> great :)
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