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[0:23] <jantje> looks like a busy evening/day
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[2:19] <delx> Hey
[2:20] <delx> I followed the "Install on debian" wiki page, but mount takes very long and then quits with input/output error. What's wrong? :)
[2:21] <delx> I have the kernel client and the daemons both on my local machine
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[2:23] <sagewk> cmccabe: how's the gui stuff looking?
[2:23] <cmccabe> pretty good
[2:24] <cmccabe> after some fighting with automake over gtk2
[2:24] <cmccabe> I had to step out for an hour to go vote so I'll be working on it later tonight
[2:25] <cmccabe> oh btw
[2:25] <cmccabe> what is a clientmap? (or what did it used to be?)
[2:28] <sagewk> it used to just be the max client_id. it is no more
[2:29] <cmccabe> k
[3:00] <dubst> When you've created ceph over ext3; are you able to remove the journaling from an ext3 partition?
[3:01] <sagewk> more or less. there is a bit of code to trigger a sync that should be fixed, but it'll basically work.
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[3:07] <dubst> And if I wanted to change ceph.conf restarting ceph it should work right? I won't need to recreate the fs?
[3:07] <sagewk> depends on the change. if you're not adding/removing nodes or changing data paths, then generally a restart is all that's needed
[3:08] <dubst> Oh I see, thanks.
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[5:35] <dubst> Is there a specific way you need to setup your ceph.conf when your mon,node and osd's are on one machine?
[5:42] <cmccabe> have you tried vstart.sh?
[5:42] <cmccabe> that will generate a ceph.conf that has the configuration you describe (where all are on the same machine)
[5:43] <cmccabe> and runs the daemons too
[5:43] <dubst> Aha, nooo
[5:51] <dubst> Looks like vstart.sh is only in my git clone; should it not be anywhere else?
[5:52] <cmccabe> ?
[5:52] <cmccabe> it's just for testing
[5:53] <cmccabe> you would normally use the scripts in /etc/init.d/
[6:00] <dubst> Ah okay that's what I was wondering still some bummerish issues. I'll look more into my (which I'm sure it is) faults :d
[6:02] <cmccabe> well, the docs are probably not... er... ideal
[6:03] <cmccabe> don't be discouraged though :)
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[7:10] <dubst> cmccabe: thanks for the advice on using the vstart.sh conf! awesome
[7:10] <cmccabe> :)
[7:11] <cmccabe> you can set the number of OSDs if you set an environment variable before running vstart
[7:11] <cmccabe> CEPH_NUM_OSD
[7:12] <dubst> vstart seemed to detect that I'm only using 1 OSD; which is really what I was hoping for.
[7:22] <dubst> if osd data is for the file system that data will be stored in, what is mon data for?
[7:23] <cmccabe> osd data relates to objects
[7:23] <cmccabe> monitor data relates more to the file system as a whole
[7:23] <dubst> Oh I see.
[7:24] <cmccabe> I'm not sure exactly what data monitors store. I don't think it's very large.
[7:24] <cmccabe> I haven't looked at that code in depth
[7:25] <cmccabe> one of the other guys on the team would know about that
[7:29] <dubst> Cool.
[7:35] <dubst> lol @ me not paying attention to big red signs that says this over-rides data
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[11:55] <delx> Hey
[12:09] <dubst> Hi
[12:11] <delx> I saw a presentation (ceph-final.ppt on google) that ceph does not perform with small file reads. Is this an architectural issue?
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[13:43] <jantje_> 2010-10-27 13:43:15.266709 7f16908c6710 -- >> pipe(0x2967500 sd=19 pgs=0 cs=0 l=0).connect claims to be not - wrong node!
[13:43] <jantje_> i'm getting this all the time
[13:43] <jantje_> can I ignore it?
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[18:21] <cmccabe> jantje: I don't know. You could ask the mailing list?
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[23:24] <jantje_> evening
[23:24] <jantje_> (or afternoon for some people)
[23:25] <cmccabe> evening
[23:26] <terang> hello
[23:26] <jantje_> when writing a large file with dd, blocksize=4k count=LARGE
[23:26] <jantje_> what happens on the ceph side?
[23:26] <jantje_> does every block go into a different PG ?
[23:27] <jantje_> becuase when I bench every OSD I get speeds like 80-90MB/s
[23:27] <jantje_> and I have my journal on a memory filesystem, 1GB size
[23:27] <gregaf> it depends on how your CRUSH map is set up for the particulars
[23:28] <jantje_> so lets assume the journal does not influence writing speeds of the OSDs
[23:28] <gregaf> but if you write enough blocks then yes, they will be approximately randomly distributed across all your PGs/OSDs
[23:28] <jantje_> i 'only' get 120MB/sec with 6 OSDs on 3 machines (every machine has 4x1gbit LAG)
[23:29] <jantje_> (iperf throughput = 2.2gbit)
[23:29] <gregaf> do they each have their own spindle?
[23:29] <jantje_> yes
[23:29] <cmccabe> what's 4x1gbit LAG
[23:29] <cmccabe> link aggregation?
[23:30] <jantje_> bonding
[23:30] <jantje_> not real LAG
[23:30] <jantje_> I can get real LAG, I can hook up Alcatel-Lucent 7750 service router :P
[23:30] <jantje_> but total overkill for what I need I think
[23:30] <cmccabe> you could try benchmarking radostool on the same setup
[23:30] <gregaf> you don't have it set to sync writes, do you?
[23:31] <jantje_> journal is flushed in parallel, is that what you mean?
[23:31] <gregaf> no, just checking you didn't configure it to avoid client-side buffering
[23:31] <gregaf> oh, does your client have bonded ethernet?
[23:32] <jantje_> oh, it really buffers on the client, small writes are certainly bufferd
[23:32] <jantje_> ofcourse :-)
[23:32] <gregaf> just checking :)
[23:32] <jantje_> same configuration, same hardware as servers (except that the client boots from NFS)
[23:34] <gregaf> well that's about half the performance I'd expect to see
[23:34] <gregaf> can you run the OSD bench on each of your OSDs and see what it reports?
[23:34] <gregaf> ./ceph tell osd # bench
[23:34] <gregaf> for every number
[23:34] <gregaf> it'll write 1GB to each OSD and report the results to the central log, so if you run ./ceph -w you'll see the results as they finish
[23:35] <jantje_> just a second
[23:37] <gregaf> or ./ceph osd tell * bench will tell them all
[23:51] <jantje_> ok, now I have time to check it, just another minute :P
[23:57] <jantje_> gregaf http://pastebin.com/7Hb8m2Eq , the osd's tell the journal is full and throttle
[23:58] <jantje_> anyway, osd1 is consistently show slower write speeds, is it because the throttle ? hmm
[23:58] <jantje_> all disks are exactly the same, all brand new
[23:58] <gregaf> the journal throttling means that the main data store can't keep up with journal
[23:58] <gregaf> which makes sense since you're doing a RAM-disk journal
[23:58] <jantje_> whick makes sens
[23:58] <jantje_> e
[23:59] <jantje_> indeed
[23:59] <gregaf> so there's something wrong with osd1
[23:59] <gregaf> it's probably the disk since they're all set up the same, you could try some local benchmarks on them to see

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