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[1:30] <jantje> greglap: define #much ?
[1:31] <jantje> depends on the actual data hosted on the osd's, right?
[1:32] <jantje> is 4gb sufficient to run 2x300GB OSD's + MON + MDS on a single machine?
[1:47] <greglap> jantje: Well, by default the MDS will use I think ~600MB memory, and the OSDs need ~250MB each, and the mon doesn't take much, so it'll all fit
[1:48] <greglap> but the more memory your OSDs get the more file caching you'll get, for faster reads and stuff, and 4GB shared doesn't leave much for that
[1:52] <jantje> ok, thanks :)
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[15:14] <johnl> heh, I updated my crush map to add a new osd and all my mons crashed
[15:14] <johnl> and now they won't start up. they crash :/
[15:15] <johnl> not sure where to start to fix this :/
[15:30] <johnl> figured out what I did wrong, filing a bug though still.
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