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[19:44] <yehudasa> wido: are you there?
[21:31] <NoahWatkins> Hey guys..Are empty file creations in Ceph MDS-only operations, or is an initial empty object created on OSD?
[21:31] <sagewk> mds-only
[21:31] <NoahWatkins> Excellent, thx sage
[21:31] <sagewk> np :)
[21:32] <sagewk> hey will you be in santa cruz next week?
[21:32] <NoahWatkins> Yup
[21:33] <NoahWatkins> Your speaking?
[21:34] <sagewk> yeah
[21:34] <sagewk> oh right, looks like you are too
[21:38] <NoahWatkins> Oh yeh =)
[21:41] <sagewk> well i'll see you then.. i'm interested in hearing what everyone is working on these days
[21:43] <NoahWatkins> Yeh cool. It will be fun. See you then!
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[23:18] <wido> yehudasa: here now
[23:25] <yehudasa> wido: about bug#473, can you verify that it still happens on latest unstable?
[23:26] <yehudasa> wido: (which will be pushed in a minutet)
[23:27] <wido> I haven't seen the bug, but my FS has been down due to the MDS bug (#483)
[23:27] <wido> So I can't test it right now
[23:30] <sagewk> wido: you mean #478?
[23:30] * allsystemsarego (~allsystem@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[23:35] <wido> uh, let me check
[23:36] <wido> yes, sorry, 478
[23:36] <sagewk> ok cool. looking at it now
[23:37] <wido> yehudasa: The RBD doesn't consume that much memory anymore, but right now i'm seeing a I/O stall inside my VM. The rsync of kernel.org has been running for about a few hours now, just got home and checked it, all I/O is blocking
[23:38] <wido> all OSD's are up, no messages in the libvirt qemu log from librados or something
[23:41] <wido> when doing "rados df" I see the RBD pool still growing, and that VM is the only thing online right now
[23:41] <yehudasa> wido: maybe it's just being slow?
[23:42] <wido> well, right now my "sync" is blocking, kernel starts to spit out messages that it is blocking for 120 seconds
[23:43] <wido> it seems really slow indeed, not sure why, but i'll dig a bit further, never mind for now
[23:43] <wido> might be a slow OSD
[23:44] <yehudasa> I think latest qemu rbd fixes make it run slower
[23:46] <wido> Ah, ok. I've been trying to follow the messages on the ml, but didn't really get it
[23:46] <yehudasa> I don't think it was mentioned there
[23:47] <yehudasa> but generally, for every rados io completion we need to signal a qemu thread that can run some cleanup
[23:47] <yehudasa> before we did it from the rados thread context, which apparently is a no-no
[23:48] <wido> yes, I read that, didn't know it would have such an impact
[23:49] <wido> I have been seeing some strange write speeds, one moment I would get 114MB/sec write, the next only 69MB/sec
[23:49] <yehudasa> if it tuns out that this is a major performance hog, we might be able to have some other workaround that will fix that
[23:49] <yehudasa> how much was it before?
[23:49] <wido> stable around 80MB/sec
[23:50] <yehudasa> it can be also because of different qemu version that you're using
[23:50] <wido> yes, that was with 0.12.3, running .5 now
[23:50] <wido> btw, yes, my RBD was really slow, my "sync" just finished, took 20 minutes :)
[23:51] <wido> but i'm not sure about the Ubunt version, there is no qemu-error.h, thus no error_report function and brvd_file_open is called brvd_open
[23:52] <yehudasa> qemu-error is a new thing
[23:52] <yehudasa> it wasn't in the 0.12.x
[23:52] <wido> Yes, but the qemu-kvm at the repo is 0.12.5 too, right?
[23:52] <yehudasa> I think it's 0.13
[23:52] <wido> I checked the tree (rbd branch) and it says 0.12.5 in the VERSION file
[23:52] <wido> so I assumed 0.12.5
[23:54] <yehudasa> actually, it's not 0.13.. it's just a snapshot from the qemu-kvm tree from a while back, but it's not 0.12
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[23:56] <wido> to get RBD in the kclient I still need the RBD branch? I really don't know anymore which branch I had then I filed #473, since I had libceph, rbd and ceph
[23:56] <sagewk> wido: the unstable has it now.
[23:57] <sagewk> will be pushing upstream when the merge window opens
[23:58] <wido> ok, tnx

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