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[20:19] <wido> sagewk: node07 and node12 are working again. osd0 seems to be crashing due to another bug right now
[20:22] <sagewk> wido: ok, i'll look in a bit.
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[20:52] <wido> I'm looking into http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/417, but is it correct that current mon's don't have a "whoami" file? They get there name from the ceph.conf? (If host matches their hostname) correct?
[20:53] <wido> A new mon should just get the monitor data from another mon, no need to modify any data, just add it to the monmap and ceph.conf
[20:53] <sagewk> right. i'm just waiting to update that until 0.22 is released.
[20:54] <sagewk> we'll change it to show alphanumeric names for the monitors, and skip the whoami step.
[20:54] <sagewk> (oh actually the whoami might be gone in v0.21... is that what you mean? i've lost track :))
[20:55] <wido> yes, my mon's don't have a whoami
[20:55] <wido> I just wanted to update the wiki, say the issue
[20:55] <wido> saw*
[20:55] <sagewk> your mons are running 0.22~rc though right?
[21:24] <wido> sagewk: yes, the latest unstable
[21:25] <wido> btw, the rc branch? Release Candidate? Should I switch to that one or stick to unstable?
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[21:39] <sagewk> rc = release candidate, yeah. i'd switch.
[21:46] <sagewk> colinm: one thing we really need to do is keep ceph[1-4]/sepia busy with the qa workloads. yehuda is working with ceph1.. but you work on 2,3 and see if the qa.sh/g.sh scripts can be improved? should probably be logging to disk
[21:46] <sagewk> i kinda suspect they're keeping history in ram and swapping or something? they act weird after a while. and in any case, our goal should be to have a history of the full run on disk somewhere where we can look at it later
[21:50] <cmccabe2> hmm
[21:52] <cmccabe2> does it make sense to have swap enabled on ceph{1,2,34}
[21:52] <cmccabe2> hopefully we know better than the VM about what time to flush things to disk
[21:53] <sagewk> they're just clients running random workloads. they probably won't need swap, but i don't see any reason to disable it.
[21:53] <cmccabe2> oh, right, clients
[21:53] <cmccabe2> the servers definitely shouldn't have swap on
[21:53] <cmccabe2> clients probably should
[21:54] <cmccabe2> well, I can run qa.sh and put the output on disk
[21:54] <cmccabe2> see if there is anything interesting
[21:56] <cmccabe2> We do need a better test suite infrastructure
[21:56] <cmccabe2> I worked at a company where you could just do something like this from the command line:
[21:56] <cmccabe2> $ smoke test -t all
[21:56] <cmccabe2> and then it would create a new smoke test job, insert it into a queue, and run it on a cluster when there was time.
[21:56] <cmccabe2> The QA department developed a bunch of tests to make sure that things were reasonable.
[21:57] <cmccabe2> It was a pretty sophisticated system considering that it was written in TCL
[21:59] <sagewk> yeah, we're interviewing qa ppl now. in the meantime, we just need something to keep these boxes busy testing, with logging so we have the info to fix any problems we fine
[21:59] <sagewk> find
[21:59] <cmccabe2> I saw the kernel client bug
[22:00] <cmccabe2> couldn't see any obvious way that con->osd->o_osd->map_sem could become NULL though
[22:00] <cmccabe2> I'll kick off a few qa.sh jobs before lunch then
[22:02] <cmccabe2> btw where is qa.sh
[22:03] <sagewk> in /root
[22:03] <cmccabe2> k
[22:05] <gregaf> if a semaphore becomes null or an access segfaults it's usually because the container got deleted
[22:06] <gregaf> I've seen that a few times with a session dying and then the object/struct gets deleted but pointers to it are hanging around
[22:06] <cmccabe2> sounds like an object lifecycle/locking issue then
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[22:08] <gregaf> yep, we specifically saw it (server-side) with messages containing a pointer to their connection
[22:09] <gregaf> and the connection/pipe getting erased due to a reconnect
[22:46] <wido> I just tried to build packages, got a message from dh_install that cdebugpack couldn't be found.
[22:46] <wido> I added to Makefile.am: sh -c "if [ \"$(bindir)\" = \"/usr/bin\" ]; then mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin ; $(install_sh_SCRIPT) -m 0755 cdebugpack $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin/cdebugpack ; else mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(bindir) ; $(install_sh_SCRIPT) -m 0755 cdebugpack $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/cdebugpack ; fi"
[22:47] <wido> that places cdebugpack in the right place so dh_install adds it to ceph.deb
[22:47] <wido> anyone hit that too?
[22:48] <yehudasa> wido: is that a debian issue?
[22:49] <wido> I'm running Ubuntu, but that shouldn't matter. dh_install wants to include cdebugpack, but that file isn't moved to the right place by dpkg-buildpackage, so the install fails
[22:50] <wido> But yes, it's for debian packages
[22:50] <yehudasa> hmm.. haven't seen it, but yet again, I'm not installing on debian, just compiling from source
[22:50] <yehudasa> cdebugpack was just added this week
[22:51] <wido> Ah, ok :) That explains. I've got a automated build proces set up, builds packages every morning
[22:51] <wido> just add this to src/Makefile.am, there are two similar lines like this one, for mkcephfs
[22:52] <yehudasa> oh, ok
[22:52] <wido> around line 300
[22:52] <wido> "install-data-local"
[22:53] <wido> I'm going afk
[22:53] <wido> ttyl!
[22:53] <yehudasa> yep!
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[23:17] <cmccabe2> so I've got ceph3 and ceph4 running qa.sh. Logs under /home/cmccabe/log/ceph3/untar_snap_rm.sh.log and /home/cmccabe/log/ceph4/untar_snap_rm.sh.log
[23:17] <cmccabe2> so far no obvious problems
[23:17] <cmccabe2> but it's only been an hour I guess :)

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