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[13:53] <wido> todinini: you there?
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[20:18] <wido> hi
[20:20] <wido> yehudasa: you there?
[20:30] <yehudasa> wido: yes!
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[20:47] <wido> yehudasa: cool :)
[20:47] <yehudasa> wido: the qemu-img list is just not implemented yet
[20:47] <wido> I've been playin around with the RBD snapshots, but they don't seem to do anything at all, takes a lot of time, but no rollback, you might have seen that in the ticket
[20:48] <wido> oh, well, then we can change it to a "feature"
[20:48] <wido> i just report my findings
[20:48] <yehudasa> rbd snapshots should work, though
[20:48] <wido> anything I can do to debug it?
[20:50] <yehudasa> what do you mean 'don't work'?
[20:51] <wido> oh, the rollback, it doesn't change data
[20:51] <wido> the data is as before the rollback
[20:52] <yehudasa> I'll need the exact thing that you're doing
[20:53] <wido> http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/278#change-933
[20:54] <wido> I summed up what I did
[20:56] <yehudasa> yeah
[20:57] <yehudasa> what you see is a side effect of the fact that we don't have a way currently to synchronize between the external rbd tool and the qemu-rbd
[20:58] <wido> so i should rollback through qemu-img?
[20:58] <yehudasa> you can rollback only after stopping the virtual machine
[20:58] <wido> yes, I did so
[20:59] <wido> while the rollback occured the VM was down
[20:59] <yehudasa> it doesn't show up there on the log
[21:00] <wido> oh, no, I halted inside the VM, but it is in a previous comment: http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/278#note-2
[21:01] <wido> there I run "virsh destroy charlie" before doing the rollback
[21:02] <yehudasa> I don't know much about those virsh commands.. when you do a 'virsh destroy', does it stop the qemu instance?
[21:04] <yehudasa> what are you seeing, btw?
[21:04] <yehudasa> the data is still deleted?
[21:04] <yehudasa> or are you getting corruption?
[21:05] <wido> virsh simply kills the VM
[21:05] <yehudasa> yeah
[21:05] <wido> the data is still deleted, but the FS is intact, i can mount it
[21:05] <wido> the data never rolls back it seems
[21:06] <yehudasa> oh, but the problem is the other way around here
[21:06] <yehudasa> when you create the snap, the qemu doesn't know about it
[21:06] <yehudasa> you should create the snap via virsh
[21:06] <wido> or kill the VM first, then snap it
[21:06] <wido> boot it again, remove the data, kill the vm, rollback
[21:07] <wido> boot the VM again
[21:07] <yehudasa> right
[21:07] <wido> ah, that makes sense :)
[21:07] <yehudasa> yeah, we'll need to solve it somehow, but at the moment this is how it works
[21:07] <wido> ah, no problem, but it isn't documented, that's why I thought it was a bug
[21:08] <wido> but it's a feature :)
[21:08] <yehudasa> it should be mentioned somewhere, but it's really confusing
[21:09] <wido> I'll update the Wiki and update the issue with this
[21:10] <wido> thanks!
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