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[22:27] <kblin> hm, I seem to be to stupid to correctly configure my cosds
[22:30] <kblin> I'm doing a mkcephfs -c ceph.conf --mkbtrfs, and I'm getting an error about the system being unable to create the journal
[22:32] <darkfader> kblin: is the directory for the journal there? ;)
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[22:33] <kblin> darkfader: I thought mkcephfs --mkbtrfs was supposed to format, mount and create the directory structure
[22:34] <darkfader> it's supposed to mount the "btrfs device", too, if needed
[22:34] <darkfader> but didn't happen for me
[22:34] <darkfader> give mkdir a short try
[22:34] <darkfader> if it doesnt help then i don't know :(
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[22:39] <kblin> "mount failed to open journal /data/osd0/journal: Inappropriate ioctl for device"
[22:39] <darkfader> ls -ld /data/osd0/journal
[22:39] <darkfader> hmm and...
[22:39] <darkfader> [ ] lsmod | grep btrfs returns it as loaded?
[22:40] <kblin> inapporpriate ioctl for device doesn't sound like "file missing"
[22:40] <kblin> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 2010-08-28 22:38 /data/osd0/journal
[22:40] <kblin> and sure enough, there's the btrfs module loaded
[22:40] <darkfader> [ ] osd0 is not using /data/osd0 directly is it? i think you need /data/osd0/journal /data/osd0/data/ or something like that
[22:41] <darkfader> at least i got them in separate directories
[22:41] <kblin> hm?
[22:41] <kblin> using /data/osd0 as in?
[22:42] <darkfader> i think the journal should not be within the osd data directory
[22:43] <kblin> that's unmodified from the sample config
[22:43] <kblin> I'd hope that's not broken by design
[22:43] <darkfader> shouldnt be :(
[22:43] <darkfader> i followed one from the website
[22:43] <darkfader> that ones wasn't working too well at the start *g*
[22:43] <darkfader> but i can paste you the osd bit
[22:44] <darkfader> [osd] sudo = true osd data = /data/osd$id osd journal size = 100 osd journal = /data/ceph-journal filestore journal writeahead = true
[22:44] <darkfader> [osd0] host = waxu0026
[22:44] <darkfader> # btrfs devs = /dev/xvdb
[22:44] <darkfader> so much for line breaks.
[22:44] <kblin> http://pastey.net/140160
[22:44] <darkfader> sorry, i'll put up elsewhere
[22:44] <kblin> is the one I'm using
[22:45] <kblin> I don't worry about slow too much, it's VMs anyway
[22:45] <darkfader> well it's the one difference i can make out
[22:45] <darkfader> http://pastey.net/140161
[22:46] <kblin> hmm
[22:47] * kblin will try to repartition
[22:50] <darkfader> i hope it'll work for you
[22:52] <kblin> same difference
[22:52] <darkfader> you mean same error? :)
[22:52] <darkfader> i dont know then :( at worst you'll have to wait till monday for a dev(guru) to show up
[22:53] <kblin> yeah
[22:53] <kblin> no biggie
[22:54] <kblin> the standalone test worked last time I tried
[22:54] <kblin> I'll just use that for further testing tomorrw
[22:54] <darkfader> oki
[22:55] <kblin> I wonder what vstart.sh does differently

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