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[7:07] <MarkN> Just had a kernel oops on the client mounting the ceph file system: http://pastebin.com/TuLTi0AS all the cluster nodes seem to be ok.
[7:08] <MarkN> kernel was 2.6.35 latest stable ceph. cheers
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[7:37] <kblin> sagewk: ah, good catch, the mkcephfs call failed
[7:38] <kblin> the /data dir seems to have some corruption that I blame on unstable btrfs support
[7:38] <kblin> but if I configure a different directory, the mkcpehfs call works and I can start cmon just fine
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[13:08] <MarkN_home> anyone seen clients oops-ing on the stat system call ?
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[13:49] <todinini> wido: you here?
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[14:03] <todinini> wido: your libvrit packages doesn't support hvm. libvir: Domain Config error : unknown OS type hvm
[14:04] <todinini> is it a build problem or a runtime problem?
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[17:22] <wido> todinini: i'm running with HVM
[17:22] <wido> are you sure kvm_amd or kvm_intel is loaded?
[17:22] <wido> and the support is enabled in your BIOS
[17:26] <wido> todinini: http://tracker.newdream.net/issues/381 can you verify that?
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[18:17] <todinini> wido: the problem was, that my kvm/qemu binarys where in /bin/ the must be in /usr/bin
[18:20] <todinini> wido: shouldn't that be delta as well? rbd snap create --snap=alpha001 alpha
[18:21] <todinini> root@node43:~# rbd create --size 10240 delta
[18:21] <todinini> rbd image 'delta': size 10240 MB in 2560 objects
[18:21] <todinini> order 22 (4096 KB objects)
[18:21] <todinini> adding rbd image to directory...
[18:21] <todinini> creating rbd image...
[18:21] <todinini> done.
[18:21] <todinini> root@node43:~# rbd --pool rbd ls
[18:21] <todinini> delta
[18:21] <todinini> foo
[18:21] <todinini> myimage
[18:21] <todinini> root@node43:~# rbd snap create --snap=alpha001 alpha
[18:21] <todinini> list_snaps failed: No such file or directory
[18:24] <todinini> rbd.snap_add execution failed failed: No such file or directory
[18:24] <todinini> failed to create snapshot: No such file or directory
[18:24] <todinini> root@node43:~# rbd snap create --snap=alpha001 delta
[18:24] <todinini> root@node43:~#
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[19:13] <wido> todinini: that's weird, same operations are not working for me
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[19:17] <wido> sagewk: is there a possibility I get permission to change my own issues?
[19:17] <sagewk> markn: you mean latest master from ceph-client.git? do you by chance have a commit id?
[19:18] <sagewk> wido: oh yeah, i'll fix that now
[19:18] <gregaf> wido: should be set now
[19:22] <wido> gregaf: I don't see a difference? tried to log out and in, didn't make a difference. For example, can't exit issue #81
[19:22] <wido> 381
[19:23] <gregaf> hmm, maybe that's not actually something you can do in Redmine
[19:23] <gregaf> just realized I don't see a way to edit the text either
[19:24] <wido> hmm, ok. that's to bad then
[19:25] <wido> sometimes I make a typo and would like to correct them
[19:25] <gregaf> ahaha
[19:26] <gregaf> click the "update" button and then the very small 'More" hyperlink at the top of that section
[19:26] <gregaf> wido: you can tell we have a lot of experience with Redmine here ;)
[19:28] <wido> gregaf: yes, i can see that. There is no "More" link in my case. I'm used to Trac though
[19:28] <wido> SVN + Trac
[19:29] <gregaf> hmm, you're set as a Reporter, which grants the "Edit issues" privilege
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[19:31] <wido> gregaf: i think that's only for the "Ceph" project, not for the sub-projects, might not be recursive?
[19:31] <wido> i can edit #380, which is in the Ceph project
[19:32] <gregaf> ah
[19:32] <gregaf> try now
[19:33] <wido> yes, works now :)
[19:33] <wido> tnx
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[21:56] <todinini> wido: in your issue your volume name is diffrent, maybe that is the problem?
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[23:04] <kblin> haha, cephmkfs seems to corrupt my btrfs partitions, leaving me with directories I can't delete
[23:04] <kblin> er mkcephfs, of course
[23:05] <gregaf> pretty sure it's creating subvolumes
[23:05] <gregaf> which you can delete with a slightly more recent version of btrfs/the btrfs tools than is available in debian
[23:06] <kblin> ah
[23:06] <kblin> ubuntu maverick, here, but I guess they couldn't grab a working version from debian then :)
[23:07] <kblin> thanks for the info
[23:07] <gregaf> yeah
[23:08] <gregaf> I hit it every time I test and vstart tries to clean up the OSD directory :x
[23:08] <kblin> I'll follow up on that tomorrow, getting a kernel.org kernel and looking for more up-to-date btrfs-tools
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[23:51] <MarkN> sagewk: just got up now, I meant it was running .21.0, should i update to latest unstable and see how i go ?
[23:51] <gregaf> MarkN: which version of the kernel client?
[23:52] <gregaf> just the one that came baked into 2.6.35?
[23:52] <MarkN> yeah, all standard
[23:54] <MarkN> I only started seeing these when I added more clients to the fs
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