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[16:41] <todinini> wido: for the make-kpkg prob, this works for me http://us.generation-nt.com/answer/bug-588178-dpkg-gencontrol-error-package-not-control-info-help-199268881.html
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[23:02] <neale_> I'm investigating creating metadata and object server daemons on a non-*NIX platform. Where's the best place to start reading about the API calls / protocol(s) that need to be implemented on this platform?
[23:03] <sagewk> what's the platform?
[23:03] <sagewk> just trying to compile cosd/cmds on your target platform would be a good place to start.
[23:05] <neale_> I'm looking at z/OS (the IBM mainframe OS). It does have a POSIX face known as USS but I'm looking at the non-UNIX side of things to take advantage of some of the system managed storage facilities that OS has.
[23:07] <sagewk> on the storage side, most everything is in os/FileStore.cc and os/FileJournal.cc. the networking stuff is msg/SimpleMessenger.cc. then there's all the pthreads stuff ...
[23:10] <neale_> I might try it out on the USS side first just to get a feel for how hard the next step may be. Tks
[23:11] <sagewk> np :)
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[23:14] <neale_> Another quick question (and I don't think I'm phrasing this correctly): how straightforward is it to plug a different underlying filesystem - i.e. something else instead of relying on BTRFS?
[23:16] <gregaf> depends on your requirements
[23:16] <sagewk> the btrfs dependency is mostly about snapshots.. making them efficient, and making the osd keep it's (snapshotted) data consistent in the event of a failure.
[23:17] <gregaf> it'll run on anything but you're likely to discover issues from discrepancies in how flushing and such behaves on different fses
[23:18] <neale_> Understood (he says confidently)... tks again. The interface to the underlying filesystem is abstracted though to allow something else to be used though.
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[23:29] <neale_> [don't mean to be rude after asking a question but my gateway's about to drop so I'll start reading the code and drop off]
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[23:37] <darkfader> so one could actually use the free version of VxVM/VxFS and have a stable underlying fs layer
[23:37] <darkfader> scnr :)
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