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IRC Log for 2010-07-31

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[0:02] <yehudasa> wido: does the setattr operation on the osd fail?
[0:03] <yehudasa> wido: can you test http://pastebin.org/434379
[0:03] <yehudasa> might fix the problem, let me know
[0:04] <wido> give me a sec
[0:09] <wido> yehudasa: nope, i get the new policy printed correctly in XML in the error_log, but it's not propogated to RADOS (it seems)
[0:14] <yehudasa> did it print it before?
[0:17] <wido> yes, it always printed the right new policy
[0:18] <yehudasa> wido: what does the osd log show when doing that?
[0:19] <wido> which osd? i have 30...
[0:19] <yehudasa> yeah.. not easy
[0:19] <wido> a way to find out which one to check?
[0:21] <yehudasa> if you turn on client debugging on the rgw, can you see it somewhere?
[0:21] <yehudasa> like, if you add 'debug ms = 1' in your ceph.conf
[0:23] <yehudasa> in that case, btw, I only need the client log..
[0:23] <yehudasa> it'll probably print out to your apache error.log
[0:26] <wido> yes, it's printing
[0:26] <wido> i'll pastebin it, moment
[0:27] <wido> yehudasa: http://www.pastebin.org/434424
[0:28] <wido> one thing that is see what is strange, the "Old Policy" shows the same in the log, but as you can see, my client show a different policy
[0:28] <wido> line 85 on pastebin
[0:40] <yehudasa> wido: I tested it now, and with the patch I sent you it actually works for me
[0:40] <yehudasa> are you sure you're running the latest?
[0:42] <wido> let me try again, one moment
[0:51] <wido> yehudasa: it's still not working. I manually patched with the file you posted on the latest unstable
[0:51] <wido> did you confirm it didn't work before your patch?
[0:51] <yehudasa> yeah
[0:53] <wido> did a make clean, compiled again, made sure the radosgw was restarted
[0:53] <wido> i'm trying to revoke the READ for "All Users", but that won't happen
[0:54] <yehudasa> on my test I did it the other way around
[0:54] <yehudasa> added READ to all users
[0:54] <yehudasa> http://pastebin.org/434472
[0:55] <wido> ok, i'll try that
[0:55] <yehudasa> yeah, also revoking works
[0:57] <wido> nope, it doesn't work. But did you see my pastebin? When changing my ACL, the old and new ACL show the same
[1:00] <yehudasa> not sure what it means, could also be some bad log message
[1:00] <yehudasa> the thing is that it actually shows the policy that you're trying to set
[1:02] <wido> yes. The logs show that it is trying to setxattr on the bucket
[1:04] <yehudasa> the old and new is not related to what was before and after
[1:04] <yehudasa> it's before internal parsing and after internal parsing
[1:04] <yehudasa> so it's always the policy you're trying to set
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[1:06] <yehudasa> I do notice that it accesses different osds for retrieving the xattrs, and for setting the xattrs
[1:07] <wido> so the write might not be propogated through all the OSD's? Could be, but i tried the setacl a few hours ago, didn't change until now for that bucket
[1:10] <yehudasa> wido: can you do 'ceph osd dump'?
[1:13] <wido> yehudasa: http://pastebin.org/434515
[1:13] <wido> i see two OSD's just went down, but they were up before
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[1:34] <yehudasa> wido: can you print actual_bucket and actual_obj in RGWRados::set_attr() before the rados->setxattr call?
[1:34] <yehudasa> also, need to have the same on the get_attr() method
[1:36] <wido> i'll do
[1:37] <wido> sorry, my mistake, i manually added your patch to the getxattr method, give me a sec
[1:39] <wido> oh no, that's normal there, i'll add the prints
[1:41] <yehudasa> wido: verify that the open_pool() call on set_attr uses actual_bucket as the first parameter
[1:42] <wido> that was it.. my bad, forgot to do that
[1:43] <wido> it's probably getting too late, (almost 01:45 here)
[1:44] <wido> it's working now, changing ACL's goes fine
[1:45] <yehudasa> great
[1:46] <wido> if you go patch the RGW, check out my patches i submitted in the issues
[1:46] <wido> small cleanup and one for the logging level
[1:46] <yehudasa> alright
[1:47] <wido> going afk now, ttyl and sorry for missing that!
[1:48] <yehudasa> no problem! night!
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