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[6:49] <f4m8> gregaf: thanks for the explaination. This helps a lot
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[10:41] <Anticimex> hm, for testing out ceph, is the .debs of ceph-unstable problematic for data integrity?
[10:41] <Anticimex> or will there be other non-data-corrupting issues?
[10:42] <wido> Anticimex: what are you experiencing?
[10:44] <Anticimex> i've not installed it yet
[10:45] <Anticimex> but I'm about to and is considering which version to choose
[10:48] <wido> oh, i would choose unstable
[10:51] <wido> but, note, Ceph is not stable yet! So do not use it in production
[10:51] <wido> your data is not safe
[10:56] <wido> but Anticimex testing is really needed
[10:56] <wido> so if you have hardware to spare and time, please feel free to test and report whatever you find
[10:56] <Anticimex> ok wido, thanks
[10:57] <Anticimex> that's what i was wondering, if "not for production use" today meant that data was unsafe, and not just that you could get weird hangs and other lockups that needed manual tinkering
[11:04] <wido> well, i never really lost all my data
[11:04] <wido> but i had some crashes, hangs, etc, etc where it could not recover from
[11:04] <wido> so i formatted the cluster again to keep on going with testing
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[14:23] <darkfader> Anticimex: it still means the data is at a certain risk, and more testing is needed until at some point we can say "it's safe now". don't forget btrfs is still experimental, too.
[14:24] <darkfader> i feel ok saving some data on it, data i got backups of and that doesn't need to be online constantly
[14:25] <darkfader> i mean people even save stuff on ext3 *eg*
[14:34] <Anticimex> yeah, i'm not looking to store my most valued data on it :)
[14:34] <Anticimex> that is heavly backuped (I think I have 4 copies)
[14:51] <darkfader> ok ;)
[14:52] <darkfader> i have filled it with the distro mirror tree so far
[14:52] <darkfader> and an rsync of some pr0n, too.
[14:53] <darkfader> worst is, the second bit has definitely a fs issue, ls -l will hang, as will du -ks. but i feel i shouldn't use that to file a bug report
[14:54] <darkfader> one note: when you set up the filesystem, take care to include a journal setting. I didn't have that at start because it's not in thE "installing on debian" part of the wiki and it was painfully slow
[14:54] <darkfader> (which at least proves it handles the data carefully)
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[22:52] <wido> hi sagewk
[22:52] <sagewk> wido: hey
[22:52] <sagewk> fixed one thing that may have contributed to the osd up/down flapping
[22:52] <wido> ah, cool
[22:52] <wido> and i see your logged on to node13
[22:53] <wido> my mon's and mds'es are acting strange today.
[22:53] <sagewk> yeah i was looking at the mon0 problem.
[22:54] <sagewk> and node13 / is full
[22:54] <wido> what i noticed that when they were all running, the cluster still seemed to hang.
[22:54] <wido> oh yes, that's the coredumps and logfiles
[22:54] <wido> they are equipped with a 4GB flash drive, a bit small..
[22:54] <sagewk> hmm yeah
[22:55] <sagewk> go ahead and wipe those cores, don't think i need them
[22:55] <wido> but what i saw, nothing was happening, but the mds'es were still saying the OSD's were laggy, while there was no load on them
[22:55] <sagewk> they were all up?
[22:55] <wido> ok, they are gone. I would still really like syslog :-)
[22:55] <wido> yes, they were.
[22:55] <wido> all 30, up and running, load at 0.00
[22:55] <wido> was no network issue for sure
[22:57] <wido> but for now the rsync of kernel.org keeps killing my cluster
[22:57] <wido> mon's and mds'es are going down when i try to do a rsync, starts to compare the bits and then something will go down
[22:58] <sagewk> i'll try to reproduce, what are you rsyncing?
[22:58] <wido> rsync -avr --stats --progress rsync://rsync.eu.kernel.org/pub/* /mnt/ceph/static/kernel/
[22:59] <wido> the first sync will go fine, but then try to sync again, that goes wrong
[23:00] <sagewk> thanks
[23:01] <wido> and from there, when a MDS tries to recover, it crashes again
[23:01] <wido> btw, i equipped node01 with a Intel X25-M SSD and placed the journal on it for osd0 - osd3, that works really nice
[23:01] <wido> OSD performance went from 35MB/sec to 70MB/sec
[23:03] <wido> oh btw, mon0 is still crashing, it can't be started, but you already noticed that i think
[23:03] <sagewk> oh
[23:04] <wido> you closed the issue with Can't reproduce, but it's still happening on my cluster
[23:06] <sagewk> same issue as the crash before.. but no log. i'll fix it again and next time it crashes don't restart it (unless/until you build latest, which won't clobber the log)
[23:07] <wido> ok, i'm going afk now, i'll do a build tomorrow and leave it for the night like this
[23:07] <wido> there is a commit for the logs i saw? which appends
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[23:08] <sagewk> i used ios::ate before, but that doesn't work as advertised.. ios::app does. fixed as this morning.
[23:08] <wido> pull, build, retry and save log, core + binary?
[23:08] <sagewk> yeah, or just wait for crash, and don't restart
[23:09] <wido> you can start mon0 right now on node13, will crash in 5 secs
[23:09] <wido> or am i misunderstanding something?
[23:10] <wido> ok, now i see, it's running again.
[23:10] <sagewk> i fixed up logm/last_commited and then it starts.
[23:10] <sagewk> the question is why that got a bad value in the first place
[23:10] <wido> ah, ok. I'm not sure wether i'll hit this bug again
[23:10] <sagewk> that's the second time, so hopefully!
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[23:11] <wido> ok, one last question before i'm off
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[23:11] <wido> is there a way to set a default crush rule for new pools?
[23:11] <wido> once that get created via de RADOS Gateway for example
[23:12] <wido> so there replication is to 3 by default
[23:12] <sagewk> the replication level is a pool properly, not a crush property (the crush rule is valid for a range of pg sizes).
[23:12] <sagewk> not sure where the default comes from..
[23:13] <todinini> hi, do you have a test suite to test and benchmark ceph? my cluster is now up and running an most of the time idel
[23:13] <wido> ok, sagewk but since i have some custom crush rules, could you set a default for that? for example that a new pool inherets the rule from the "data" pool
[23:14] <wido> so my data gets replicated over the right osd's, not the same replica on the same physical machine
[23:14] <sagewk> toinini: there is a qa/ directory in ceph.git that has some random workloads we run for stability testing
[23:14] <wido> todinini: try stressing with bonnie++, postmark, simple (large) rsync's
[23:16] <todinini> wido: I tried that, but those tools never check if the data is correct, how about some md5 summing of the sync files, then we know the data is correct?
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[23:17] <wido> todinini: you can give rsync some extra options to do so
[23:17] <wido> or write something in bash to verify some sum's
[23:18] <todinini> wido: ok, I thought there would be same standart tests
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[23:19] <wido> sagewk: i'm going afk now. If you could answer my question about the default CRUSH rules for new pools, i'll give it a try tomorrow and try to put something in the Wiki about it. Until then, it's in the IRC logs :-)
[23:19] <wido> ttyl
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