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[22:05] <wido> i think i've got something :-)
[22:05] <sakib> IMHO, irssi is pretty flexible with log format strings & files, so they just can be saved and then parsed by smth.
[22:05] <wido> darkfader: git clone
[22:05] <sakib> wido: nice, what is this? :)
[22:05] <darkfader> wido: i already did the git clone and it worked
[22:06] <darkfader> so i can just forget the git pull?
[22:06] <wido> sakib: http://www.jibble.org/logbot/
[22:06] <wido> a clone should be enough, pull is only needed for updates
[22:06] <darkfader> ok
[22:06] <darkfader> ooooooh
[22:06] <darkfader> i just had to 'cd ceph && git pull'
[22:07] <darkfader> i'll edit it
[22:10] <wido> bot seems to work fine, just have to wait on the DNS to update
[22:10] <wido> then i'll have a hostname where the logs can be found
[22:11] <sakib> darkfader: how about 'unstable' branch? Did you check it out?
[22:11] <darkfader> seems that just was included, see here:
[22:11] <darkfader> h:w$ git pull
[22:11] <darkfader> Already up-to-date.
[22:11] <darkfader> h:w$ git checkout -b unstable origin/unstable
[22:11] <darkfader> Branch unstable set up to track remote branch unstable from origin.
[22:12] <darkfader> Switched to a new branch 'unstable'
[22:12] <darkfader> h:w$ git pull
[22:12] <darkfader> Already up-to-date.
[22:12] <darkfader> some of the packages listed as dependencies had errors
[22:12] <sakib> yeah, that's it
[22:13] <darkfader> aclocal, libedit and boost, autoheader ...
[22:14] <sakib> errors?
[22:14] <darkfader> i'll pastebin
[22:15] <darkfader> nvm, i didn't have the deb-src set up haha
[22:18] <darkfader> ok some remain: http://wartungsfenster.pastebin.org/402194
[22:22] <sakib> i thought package is called automake (goes with aclocal)
[22:23] <sakib> for libedit install libedit-dev
[22:23] <sakib> autoheader is in autoconf package
[22:23] <darkfader> then only the boost error remains, just a sec
[22:24] <darkfader> libboost-dev
[22:31] * iggy (~iggy@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:35] <darkfader> yeah and it might help to add some swap so the cc1 isn't killed
[22:36] <sakib> you mean you got so poor memory?
[22:37] <darkfader> the vm's all had just 200mb
[22:39] <sakib> then running mds may be painful..
[22:39] <darkfader> wido already said its memory hungry
[22:39] * iggy (~iggy@theiggy.com) has joined #ceph
[22:39] <darkfader> i'll allocate more ram in a few minutes
[23:12] <todinini> I get this error "lease_expire from mon0 was sent from future time 10.07.17_23:10:08.185470, clocks not synchronized", but the clocks are sync via ntpd
[23:13] <darkfader> are the ntpd's all showing ok status in ntpq -p
[23:20] <sakib> todinini: there was a thread about this issue on mail list this month, you should look at that
[23:21] <todinini> darkfader: ntpq show everything is fine
[23:22] <todinini> sakib: i will ckeck the ml
[23:22] <darkfader> i saw some things about heartbeat timeouts coming up atm, how do you guys think about using qos tagging or an extra nic for them? i imagine to add a nic to all osd nodes and the mds / mon would only listen on the extra interface
[23:22] <darkfader> but i'm not sure if it'd work
[23:22] <darkfader> todinini: ok, just the first guess :) I hope you find the right thread
[23:23] <sakib> that was Date:
[23:24] <sakib> that was Jul 7, btw
[23:29] <todinini> found it, where do I configure the "mon lease
[23:29] <todinini> wiggle room = 0.1"
[23:29] <todinini> in ceph.conf for mom?
[23:30] <darkfader> wiggle room? hehehe
[23:30] <darkfader> probably just below [mon]
[23:30] <todinini> yep found it
[23:49] <todinini> even with wiggle room = 1.0 I get the warnings
[23:52] <darkfader> why does my .deb try to *start* ceph upon install
[23:52] <darkfader> debian makes me crazy sometimes
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